Golf Companies Take Spectacular Measures to Embrace Sustainability



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Last year, we published a post on the surprising and terrifying carbon footprint of the sport of golf. The good news is that golf companies are starting to turn things around.

The change hasn’t come a moment too soon. The golf industry needs to take its impact on the environment seriously since golf as a sport depends heavily on the natural world with its courses. This means that considering the materials that new golf clubs or golf simulators are packaged in and the waste produced by the same products can make an impacting change.

Individual courses are making a case for sustainability. One resort in Florida has started to become eco-friendlier as a new generation of eco-friendly residents make their case.

There have been conversations about the issues and impact that golf has on the environment and after reading this SkyTrak review, you might even consider being environmentally friendly and playing at home instead. This article will give you information on some of the ways the golf industry is becoming environmentally friendly.

Golf Digest talked about some of the golf companies that are becoming eco-friendlier. The ways include:

Removing Chemicals and Conserving Water

The steel shafts need gallons of water and chemicals necessary for plating the Nickel-Chrome during the finishing process.

Most companies, including Shaft Company Accra, have developed an Eco-Satin shaft that use much less water and fewer chemicals to finish the process. This already makes such a difference!

Packaging of Golf Clubs

Golf club manufacturers, such as Lynx Golf, have developed initiatives to save the environment which is derived from the commitment of the company to be part of the Global Impact by United Nation.

The Global Impact was created by the United Nation to implement principles of universal sustainability. Lynx is one of the first companies to join and its officials do not use single-use plastic anymore to package the clubs.

If you order your clubs from Lynx, they will arrive with the clubhead wrapped in a textile pouch instead of a plastic wrap and the packaging is paper instead of bubble wrap in the box.

Also, Lynx is assisting the bee population by putting a packet of flower seeds to every box they ship. They hope that the clients will plant them and grow flowers to increase the sources of food for the bees.

This can be important for golf courses that are looking for eco-friendlier packaging, as they try to lower their carbon footprint. They can choose more sustainable options.

Repurposing Plastic

Nowadays, plastic bottles have been recycled and turned into rugs, shirts and other products. The golf industry is not left behind in repurposing of plastic. For instance, the golf shoe company True Linkswear is introducing a golf shoe made of repurposed material on the upper side.

An Eco Shoe upper uses around 8 plastic bottles. Additionally, all the shoes by True Linkswear are shipped in a reusable bag and not the cardboard box that gets thrown away.

Sun Mountain is another golf company that uses repurposed plastic to make a bag called the Eco Lite. It takes around 25 20-ounce bottles to make one of these bags.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees are often preferred than wooden tees because they do not break, but have you thought of what happens to them when you stop using them or lose them?

Tee company such as Ocean Tee was started by a marine biologist who was concerned by the plastic tees ending up in the ocean when used in golf courses around the coastal regions. Ocean Tee does not use plastic to ensure that this pollution doesn’t happen.

Ocean Tee makes its tees using bamboo as they are hard to break than the standard tees made of wood and are also environmentally friendly. This means that you can use fewer tees every time you play.

Bamboos grow faster and when one stand is harvested, it can regrow quickly. 25% of the profits are donated by Ocean Tee to charities that work on plastic pollution.

Eliminating Single-Use Products

Most people are guilty of taking a plastic bottle of water out of the refrigerator to the golf course and once the water is finished, the bottles are thrown away. This poor practice affects the environment in a negative way.

There are water companies that encourage golfers to use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. These companies include Corkcicle, Tempercraft, Eco Vessel, and many more.

Also, companies such as Seamus create products using reusable materials. For example, their hand-forged ball marks encourage the use of one product for the long term.

Golf Brands Are Becoming Much Eco-Friendlier

When it comes to golf companies becoming more environmentally friendly, there is still a lot of work and progress that need to be done. But companies like those mentioned in this article are helping move the golf industry in the right direction towards saving the environment.


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