Modern Log Cabins: Sustainability and Aesthetics



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With the advent of green thinking, there is an increasing dependence on building materials that were used by our ancestors, such as wood. Many emerging new technologies that focus on the application of such materials are increasingly being used in modern construction. One of the benefits of these classic building materials is that they are more sustainable. If you’re thinking to purchase land for sale and build your own cabin, you can do it without hurting the environment. Today we chat with Maestro Cabins experts about sustainability and aesthetics of log cabins.

Creative freedom for architectural solutions

Wood is becoming more and more popular due to its ecological properties, and glued timber is one of the most modern building materials used for log cabins. Glued wood products are of exceptionally high quality, as the defects characteristic of natural wood is removed during production.

In addition, the wood is glued with ecological glue, which does not prevent the wood from “breathing”, is water-resistant and provides additional strength. It is also helping make construction more sustainable.

Modern wood gluing technologies make it possible to use glued wood to produce all structural elements of a log cabin. Glued wooden materials have a good surface quality too. Before gluing, twigs are cut from the wood, defects and blanks are selected and adjusted according to color and even texture, so the glued wood products look flawless. One of the essential properties of glued timber walls is the stability of their geometric dimensions. Unlike ordinary wood, glued wood has no internal stresses, so it retains its shape and measurements. It has been found that the strength of glued wooden materials can be even twice as high as conventional.

Glued beams are produced from Lithuanian and Siberian spruce, pine and larch. Higher Wallers speed up construction. They are also more attractive and give walls a kind of solidity. Log cabins made of glued timber can be built much faster as it does not take time to settle. Therefore it is possible to significantly reduce the duration of finishing works and build log cabins for sale all year round.

Glued timber constructions give architects the freedom to realize a wide range of ideas, from simple architectural solutions using simple constructions to the most complex geometry curved structures to make log cabins look modern and unique.

Universal use options

In terms of protection and durability, manufacturers offer glulam constructions to cover glulam constructions with protective / finishing paints, which are selected based on the purpose of the log cabin and the customer’s wishes. Another critical point that manufacturers draw attention to is the myth that glued timber structures are not safe in the event of a fire. Maestro Cabins experts reassure that glued timber retains its load-bearing capacity for a more extended period than metal structures. The advantages of glued wood are resistance to fire, moisture, chemically aggressive environment, variety and shape and strength, lightness, economy, good insulating properties, aesthetics, ecology. They provide universal use. So choosing glued timber log cabins are safer in the event of fire too.

Customers often choose glued timber log cabins because their visual appearance and aesthetics are related to the natural origin of the material, there are great possibilities to adapt various architectural forms and solutions, environmentally friendly materials do not emit harmful substances produced from renewable natural resources, the product is environmentally friendly, ensuring sustainability and coherence at all stages of the facility’s operation. Modern wood technologies allow glulam to be used in individual construction not only to construct glued beam log cabins but also to produce all wooden house construction elements: ceilings, roofs, columns, installation of interior details, etc.

Production and installation of log cabins

Glulam log cabins are usually made of cut spruce and pine walls. Log cabins made of the glued beam are durable, ecological, warm and quick and easy to build. Compared to the log array, the thermal properties of the shaft are about 30 percent better.

According to Maestro Cabins experts, lately, people are looking more and more at ecology and naturalness, the whole world is returning to wood both in the interior and exterior. Wood is no longer just a building material for log cabins or saunas. People build glued beam houses even on very modern projects. Interior details are also installed in the log cabin from glued timber.

According to experts, glued beam log cabins have a better microclimate because the beam “breathes”, the premises maintain an almost perfect humidity level, and they do not need additional ventilation or humidification. Therefore, it is especially beneficial to live in such a log cabin for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Modern interior for glued beam log cabins

A few years ago, brick houses were preferred around Europe, and log cabins (including glued beams) were associated with antiquity and an awkward way of life. Now the fact that log cabins cannot be as modern as brick houses are considered a myth. Glued timber load-bearing structures, used universally, give the interior and exterior a unique effect.

Maestro Cabins experts deny that the glued beam smells like a village and is suitable only for a summer house or a hunting lodge. According to them, there is no need to be afraid of wooden constructions. The interior of such a house is modern and depends on the imagination of the residents and the ability to take advantage of all the unique design opportunities provided by such log cabins. For example, wooden walls do not need to be combined with other natural materials – stone, natural fiber fabrics or metal. Instead, part of the wall can be covered with a panel, painted or otherwise decorated to create a cozy home environment.

Glulam log cabins do not necessarily have to have only rustic-style furniture. You can boldly experiment and choose modern, liking table. Because the walls of a log cabin create a kind of environment while remaining neutral colors, they can be combined with other neutral colors and thus create a modern and cozy, quiet environment in which it is good to relax.


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