Steps You Should Take to Make Your Relocation Process Eco-Friendly



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A couple of years ago, Vice author Lauren O’Neill wrote a great article for Vice on the carbon footprint of moving. She pointed out that the average UK homeowner moves every 23 years, but renters move much more frequently. They can leave a large carbon footprint over time, unless they take the right steps to lower it. You should keep this in mind if yo are moving.

Moving is a very difficult process to complete. When you are trying to relocate in a sustainable manner, then things become even more complicated.

You will need to start the process by hiring one of the best state to state moving companies. One of the best is Moving Apt, a leading moving service broker. The right moving experts can ensure the process is as eco-friendly as possible.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to make the moving process more sustainable. Just by taking small actions, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Understanding your responsibility regarding this planet is very important. If you are looking for a guide to move in the eco-friendliest way possible, then check out these tips.

Purge out stuff by donating, recycling, gifting, and selling items

You should not throw out items when making a list of what you want to keep and what to leave behind. You should find the right way to get rid of items, which includes donating, gifting, and selling. Remember that the stuff that seems like it is just a waste to you could be useful for someone else. So, divide items into categories which are good in condition and consider recycling option for those which are not good in condition and can’t be used by anyone furthermore.

Try to be energy efficient

When doing several relocation tasks, try to be more energy-efficient. When you are performing relocation tasks such as packing, unpacking, transporting and other things, you must make sure you know how to minimize waste as much as possible. You should not use any machines that use electricity until it is really necessary. When using a moving truck to transport items, make sure that the engine is off when the vehicle is not in use. This will also reduce fuel consumption while reducing the emission of carbon.

Wrap fragile items into soft fabrics

To reduce the waste during the process, you should use soft fabrics for wrapping the fragile items. Use items like towels, linens, and blankets to ensure that the items can be transported with complete safety without any damage or scratches to them. This will help you avoid having to replace them, which would obviously waste precious natural resources.

Avoid throwing food

When you know the move ahead of time then you should start emptying your kitchen and freezer. You should stop buying pantries and should start cooking and consuming what is already present at your home. This will also reduce the hassle of packing small eatables and will reduce the wastage of the eatables. Still, if there are leftover food items present in the pantry then you should contact the local charities to donate this surplus food to them. You can also consider giving it to your friends or neighborhood if donating to charity is not the best option for you.

Use the containers that you already have to pack things

To reduce the number of cardboard boxes, go creative with the packing and use the containers already present. Most homeowners have plastic bins, suitcases, drawers, gym bags, and tote bags available that can be used as containers to pack and transport stuff. The suitcases and the cabinet drawers have a great storage capacity to pack the items.

Don’t make unnecessary trips

During a relocation process, you will find that you need to run around like a headless chicken to do numerous numbers of tasks from updating your address at several important places to notifying people about your relocation to transferring your subscription to the destination place. But do you know there are many tasks that you can complete without traveling with the help of the internet? So, before you go out, just sit and look for ways how you can complete the process.

Choose movers who use green practices

Not all the movers present out there use a sustainable approach to complete the job therefore you need to find one that uses environmentally friendly practices. Check how fuel-efficient is the company’s fleet and whether the driver uses the quickest route to reach the new location or not. If you pay attention to details on how they work, then you will be able to find the right movers for your relocation. 

Make Your Move in the Most Sustainable Way Possible!

Usually, you can’t sustainably relocate to your destination if it needs to be done hastily and without having time to plan. Having plenty of time ahead of the moving day to plan every step is crucial. If you have enough time then be sure you use the above tips and tricks then you can have a green relocation process.


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