4 Wonderful Expeditions Sustainable Travelers Should Add to Their Bucket List



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Sustainable tourism is becoming more popular than ever. The market for eco-friendly travel is expected to grow by $338 billion between 2019 and 2023.

However, it is important to choose the right destinations. One of the biggest mistakes that sustainable tourists make is choosing places that are not conducive to their eco-friendly lifestyles.

We have shared some great places to visit for eco-tourists. You can learn more about them below.

Top Destinations for Eco-Tourists

A great joy in life is the gift of travel. Having the opportunity to venture beyond our borders allows us to embrace different cultures and have a firsthand experience of geographic marvels around the globe.

You don’t have to leave a large carbon footprint as a tourist, but you need to know where to go. We share a few great sustainable tourist destinations in the past, but wanted to share a few less common places to visit. Creating a list of travel destinations is the best way to discover where in the world you would love to go, before thinking about when or how to get there. With that being said, travelers and dreamers alike should make these 3 expeditions the top places for the most epic eco-tourist bucket list.

1. The North Pole

There is more to the North Pole than the magical holiday dreams our imagination creates. Although the North Pole is well known as a difficult destination to reach, this unique geographical location is a travel must for any sustainable traveler looking to take a life changing trip to the Arctic.

For an exclusive North Pole experience, only Quark Expeditions can provide the ultimate excursion that will take your breath away as you soar above the surreal Arctic landscape in a hot air balloon. Before you have a chance to catch your breath, reach new heights of the world’s northernmost point on a helicopter tour over the Arctic ocean. The North Pole is the most unbelievably unique trip that should make the top spot on every travel bucket list.

2. Northeast Greenland

The beautifully remote northeast coast of Greenland is the next Arctic expedition for every nature enthusiast. Far more than just a destination, Greenland’s picturesque northeast coast is one of the last unspoiled wilderness locations in the entire world. Truly experience the natural beauty of the regions rugged landscapes, like the red sandstone cliffs, and the vistas of Kong Oscar part of the world’s largest fjord system.

Voyage through the Northeast Greenland National Park for a chance to see where almost half of the world’s muskoxen population lives and grazes. Then best of all, the most stunning part of the excursion can be found by simply looking up into the night sky. To experience the highlight of any expedition to the northeast of Greenland, observe the awe-inspiring northern lights that make magnificent colors dance across a clear night sky. Northeast Greenland is nature’s most spectacular destination that should take a spot on every travel bucket list!

3. South Georgia Island

For sustainable tourists and lovers of wildlife, there are 2 words that sum up why South Georgia Island needs to be on everyone’s bucket list of travel expeditions, penguin safari. Grab your best camera because tons of photos are sure to be taken! Sharing the chilly island beaches with elephant seals are king penguins, one the world’s favorite species of flightless birds.

Get the most of this once in a lifetime excursion by heading ashore to landing sites for a wildlife encounter unlike any other on earth. A true bird paradise, South Georgia Island is the world’s most fertile breeding ground for sub-Antarctic wildlife, teeming with albatross and petrels. For those that can’t wait to visit South Georgia Island, in early December 2021 you can observe an unforgettable solar eclipse to complete this epic trip of a lifetime.

4. Costa Rica

Being one of the smallest countries of Central America Costa Rica might not seem like a place for an adventure, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With wonderful rainforests and some of the rarest wildlife on the planet, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for anyone who enjoys sustainable travel. 

Geographically it’s situated between Nicaragua on the north, Panama on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south.

The weather is warm all year round with two seasons wet (May-November) and dry (December- April)
You will find the dry season to be most appropriate for traveling, as you can see much more during that period.

You can even find some interesting Eco-tours that include rafting, canyoning, zip-lining, and even horseback riding. If you plan on doing a tour after the pandemic situation dials down, you should definitely reserve your spot online through Bookmundi.

Choose the Best Sustainable Tourist Destinations

There are a lot of great sustainable tourist destinations worth checking out. The five listed here should be on your bucket list.


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