Best European Countries To Visit For Adventure



Each year millions of people travel to a variety of different European countries for many different reasons. Europe has a vast amount of history and culture, but if you’re one who is out seeking something a bit more psychical and adventurous then Europe is till the perfect place to make your travels. From sea kayaking in Estonia to wildlife safaris in Spain, no matter your hobbies or interests this year push yourself to try new things, just remember to renew your European Health Insurance Card just in case the adventure proves too much.


If you’re a lover of animals and are planning your next holiday to Spain then you will be please to know there are many adventures a safari’s you can go on. There is one cat the Iberian lynx, that at one point roamed over half the Iberian peninsula, today it is the rarest cat in the world. It can only be found in two locations, the vast coastal Doñana national park south of Seville, and the rugged Andújar natural park in the north of Andalucia. There is so much adventure to be had in both of these parks from guided hikes to safaris. If you really want a chance to see this rare cat, then visitors can take part in a seven-night expert led trip to both parks in which you will learn about conservation and spot other wildlife.


The best time to travel to Norway is during the summer, so if you have already booked a holiday you’re in luck. The summer in Norway means that the days are long, so be sure to take an adventurous long drive through the mix of mountains, fjords, remote villages and quiet coastal roads. One of the most spectacular drives you can take is from Bergen north to Trondheim which includes a stretch on the Atlantic road where those have the chance to sea seals and whales.


For those who aren’t looking to relax and soak in the sun for your holiday this year, then why not head to the Swiss Alps. The Swiss Alps offers the ultimate winter adventure of ice-climbing and mountaineering. For this you will need experience as adventures go it can be dangerous, but if you are a beginner there are many climbing skill options on offer, which is much advised.


Iceland offers the ultimate adventure experience for all with volcanic landscapes, glaciers and many hot springs to relax in after all the hard work. In Iceland you will be able to hike terrain created by the lava that formed when Eyjafjallajökull erupted in 2010. Iceland is the perfect country to visit if you enjoy adventures as one day you could be taking a dip in a volcanic crater in Vit Lake and then the next day you could be whale watching. No matter what country you go to in Europe there is always an adventure to be had, so just embrace it and enjoy.




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