Eco-Friendly Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Greece This Summer



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Sustainability is a growing concern for people throughout Greece. It currently ranks 33rd on the Global Sustainability Index and is set to reduce GHG emissions by 40% of 2030.

One of the reasons that Greece is making improvements on the sustainability front is due to the number of people looking for hobbies that involve a lower carbon footprint. More people are spending their summers outdoors, which helps them be more sustainable.

Enjoy Your Summer Outdoors to Be More Sustainable

Accounting for a fifth of Greece’s economy, tourism is a huge part of life in Greece in which, every year, millions of tourists flock to the 227 islands belonging to the nation. It is also becoming a leader in sustainable tourism.

As one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, Greece’s picturesque landscape, charming hospitality and sun kissed sandy shores allure new visitors, as well as frequent tourists who can’t seem to get enough of the islands.

Not only is Greece famous for its picturesque landscapes with its iconic white buildings and blue rooftops, crystal blue seas and white sand beaches, there’s also so many activities to do. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways you can make the most of the outdoors when visiting Greece. they will help you deal with the stress of climate change.

Water sports to enjoy in Greece

As a nation that’s surrounded by water, you’ll never be short of a water sports activity to choose from when visiting Greece. Some of the best water sports include:


If you’re looking to get out on the water but leave the adrenaline rush behind, kayaking can be a calm and peaceful way to explore the coastline and is easy to do, no matter your experience level. Unlike boats and jet skis that can scare local wildlife away, kayaking gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with marine animals like dolphins, tropical fish and much more. 

Jet skiing

Looking to get your adrenaline fix for the day? A jet ski safari could be the perfect experience, allowing you the chance to explore the coastline and spot local wildlife while taking in the breathtaking scenes, all while getting a thrill at the same time. Many surf and adventure centers along the coast and on the islands offer jet ski experiences for every skill level. Just be sure your travel insurance covers the activity before you get started!

Yacht chartering

If you’re looking for a special experience, chartering a yacht is a unique way of exploring Greece and allows you the freedom to explore lots of the different islands at your own leisure. While many of the popular islands can be packed with tourists in the height of summer, a yacht charter enables you to avoid the crowds and discover some of the more authentic islands where the usual tourists don’t get to explore.

When choosing to charter a yacht in Greece, Borrow A Boat offer a great range of yacht charters for all group sizes and budgets, in which many of the boats come with a licensed local skipper who knows the waters well and can help you navigate while on your yacht charter adventure.


Parasailing isn’t for the faint hearted but it sure is rewarding if you can work up the courage to do it. Be sure to find a reputable and licensed company for this to ensure the correct safety standards are applied.

Parasailing is one of the best ways to admire the views around you in which you’ll be able to see for miles across crystal clear blue seas.


The Mediterranean Sea is teaming with different varieties of fish and other marine life that will make for an enchanting snorkeling adventure. With no dangerous sharks around, kick back and relax as you snorkel through the clear blue waters. Snorkeling is an easy activity to do from most beaches in Greece, just be sure to check there is no sharp coral or dangerous currents where you plan on taking a dip.

If you’re on a yacht charter, you’ll have even greater freedom as to where you can go snorkeling. Why not drop the anchor near an unpopulated island and snorkel around the boat. You’ll have more chances of seeing larger marine life like dolphins than if snorkeling off the beach.


While surfing takes some skill and practice to get the hang of it, paddleboarding is a great activity for even beginners. The calm Mediterranean waters are one of the best places to try out paddleboarding where it will be easy to find your balance and you can admire the stunning scenery and vibrant marine life while doing so.

Reasons to enjoy the outdoors

There’s a number of reasons why enjoying the great outdoors is good for your physical and mental health, in which it’s no wonder the life expectancy is 81.94 in Greece. Some of the health benefits the great outdoors offer include:

  • Reduce stress and lower your blood pressure – A simple stroll along the beach or a hike along the coastline has been proven to reduce stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Improve your mood – Anger, anxiety and depression have been noticeably decreased when people spend time with nature in the great outdoors.
  • Improve focus – Studies have shown that adults and children who have difficulty focusing can improve their concentration levels when increasing their physical activity levels.
  • Heal quicker – Research shows that patients who spend more time outdoors during their recovery require fewer painkillers, less aches and pains, improved mobility and better sleep.

Overall, Greece really does offer the best of the outdoors with a year-round pleasant climate that enables you to enjoy spending time outside and getting active, no matter the weather. And with so much scenery to see and activities to do, Greece and its islands offer something for every traveler and ensures a vacation to remember.


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