The Guide to Sustainable Spending 2013



What if we could continue to live comfortable lives and buy interesting and exciting products without damaging something or someone somewhere along the value chain? What if the ethical, sustainable or responsible were the default options?

Covering the five pillars of consumer spending – food and drink, fashion, household, technology and transport – Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Spending 2013 looks at how you can do just that.

We look at: food waste and some of the retailers leading the way in sourcing, producing and selling sustainably; how the Bangladeshi factory collapse in April brought to light a number of supply chain risks in the global fashion industry; what you can do to make your home more efficient – both financially and environmentally through your energy and water usage; some of the technological innovations available on the consumer market that aim to make your life better, cleaner and more comfortable; and what you can do to make your daily commute to work more sustainable – through car sharing, cycling or electrically-powered vehicles.

So this Christmas, consider the sustainable option when buying for family and friends. Gift-giving is a part of the festive experience, and we’re not saying don’t buy your loved ones anything at all. We’re suggesting you do it sustainably.

Click here to download The Guide to Sustainable Spending 2013 (10.5MB file).

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