The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2013



Welcome to our first report of the year: The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2013, which we hope will inspire you to make responsible, sustainable and more informed choices when planning your holidays in the future.

To travel is to live: or so said 19th century Danish author Hans Christian Andersen in his autobiography, The Fairy Tale of My Life.

Over a billion people now cross international borders every year – 4,000% higher than the 25 million annual tourists in the 1950s. But all this comes at a cost.

How we travel and where we travel to have lasting impacts – and not just in the form of photo albums and postcards.

Climate change and sustainability are high on the political agenda, and reducing our environmental impact from travelling – while balancing the economic needs of developing countries – is a challenge being tackled at the very top.

But sustainable tourism isn’t about sacrificing the quality of your holiday. Far from it. It’s about ensuring all parties – yourself, the local community and the planet – reap the most benefits possible, environmentally, socially and financially.

But most importantly, it’s about ensuring future generations – your children, their children and so on – have the opportunity and privilege to visit these places for themselves.

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We published seven reports last year in our Guide to… series, covering ethical shoppingsustainable bankingsustainable investmentsustainable tourismlimitless clean energy and responsible media, as well as a second sustainable investment issue that was published as part of National Ethical Investment Week.


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