Top 5 Eco Destinations for RV Travel



There’s an adage that says, “We have not inherited the land from our parents; we are borrowing it from our children.” Travelers are becoming more environmentally conscious and considering how their adventures will impact the world around them. Rather than focusing on consuming goods and services, they’re looking at how they can celebrate nature.

If you’re looking to engage in ecotourism while hitting the open road in an RV, here are five amazing destinations to consider.


There’s nothing as exhilarating as driving around Norway. From the incredible fjords to the fantastical Atlantic Road, the natural beauty of Norway is like no other place on Earth. Unlike many destinations, this country is ideal for driving around and taking advantage of the freedom to camp almost anywhere.

Norway is a global leader in ecotourism, with the tourism industry priding itself on sustainable practices. While in Norway, you can hike, kayak, go rafting, and watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky. There are plenty of nature reserves where you can see beautiful wild animals in their natural environment while supporting a great cause.

Colorado, USA

If you’re looking to stay within the continental USA for your eco destination adventure, look no further than Colorado. Prepare your RV with this cleaning guide by CleanThatFloor, pack it up, turn on your boogey lights (or grab some from boogeylights.com), and spend the nights stargazing under the mountains.

During the daylight hours, you can explore the incredible Garden of the Gods or the majestic Rocky Mountains. There are many tourist-oriented activities and excursions in the area that hope to be around for decades. As such, they prioritize minimizing their footprint and offering sustainable adventures to visitors of this great state. And if you’re thinking about camping here, be sure to click here to check out some of the best tents available.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most progressive central American countries. They have an advanced healthcare and education system and a safe tourist environment that prioritizes sustainability. Costa Rica has effectively turned many of its conservation efforts into an engaging activity for visitors to partake in.

While in Costa Rica, you can hike, surf, and relax at the beach. You can also volunteer with sea turtle conservation efforts and spend a few days protecting hatchlings and ensuring they make their way to the water.

Camping is a part of the Costa Rican culture. While there are very few RV parks in the country, there are plenty of campgrounds, cabinas, and parking lots that allow RVs to stay overnight.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is a quaint province on the East coast of Canada. Their slow pace and relaxed lifestyle are prime for RV travelers. Pair that with 4,300 miles of Atlantic coastlines, and you’re never far from adventure.

With dozens of incredible ocean beaches, thousands of miles of walking trails, soaring highlands, and hidden waterfalls, Nova Scotia is an eco destination worth exploring. Watch whales splash off the coast, walk along the ocean floor, and go white water rafting on the world’s highest tides.

New Zealand

New Zealand has found an incredible balance between building a thriving tourism industry that helps the local economy without harming the natural environment. Not only do they offer numerous eco-friendly adventure options, but they’re also a world leader for eco-friendly accommodations. You can rent an RV and tour around the country, stopping at farms, splashing in hot pools at Lake Tekapo, and kayaking the stunning Milford Sound.

While in New Zealand, you can hike the parks and support the conservation efforts of the critically endangered Kiwi bird— a national treasure. With a diverse ecosystem and an RV-friendly culture, you’ll love exploring this incredible eco destination.

Remember the rules of sustainable travel: try not to impact the environment around you, take time to appreciate nature, take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprints.


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