What is the Outlook for Sustainable Tourism in 2023?



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Sustainable tourism is more popular than ever. One survey found that 61% of tourists become more concerned about sustainability due to the pandemic.

Sustainable tourism in 2023 is unlike any other year. With emerging trends, evolving safety measures, and a variety of destinations to choose from, planning your travel can be both exciting and overwhelming.

The biggest change is that more people than ever are expressing an interest in sustainable tourism. The shift is largely driven by the sudden realization most people have had that our planet is in dire shape. This is partly because we just had the hottest summer ever recorded, as PBS reported last month. The fires in Maui and other natural disasters are also highlighting the severe problems that climate change poses to both society and the planet.

This guide will cover many of the issues that sustainable tourists need to be aware of in 2023. It will help you navigate through everything you need to know. Whether you’re seeking adventure or a family-friendly vacation, this guide will serve as your go-to resource as you strive to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling.

So pack your bags, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to explore the world as an eco-friendly tourist in 2023!

Section 1: Sustainable Travel Trends 2023

There are a lot of trends that eco-tourists need to be aware of in 2023. Some of the most significant are listed below.

Top Sustainable Travel Destinations in 2023

This year, travelers are venturing to places like Japan for the cherry blossom festival and Greece for its mesmerizing islands.

Iceland has emerged as a hotspot for those seeking stunning landscapes, and Vietnam is captivating hearts with its rich culture and delicious cuisine. Both of these countries are doing a lot more to promote sustainability this year. For example, Iceland has set new targets to lower its carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2040. Last summer, Vietnam announced major changes to promote sustainability.

These destinations are thriving with tourist activities while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols. New Zealand is emerging as a top travel destination for those seeking outdoor adventure combined with breathtaking scenery. Therefore, it is another great place for eco-tourists to check out.

Its pristine landscapes offer activities ranging from exploring Hobbiton for movie enthusiasts to adrenaline-pumping bungee jumping in Queenstown.

For history lovers, Egypt offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore ancient pyramids and relics. This is a great alternative to many places that encouraged people to participate in activities that leave more carbon emissions.

A river cruise down the Nile is an unforgettable experience that adds to the allure. Many cruise boats use renewable energy these days, so they won’t harm the planet to the same degree.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s lively culture and the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue attract travelers from all walks of life.

Truly, the top travel destinations in 2023 are as diverse as the travelers themselves, promising unique experiences and unforgettable memories.


Understanding the traveling restrictions in 2023 is crucial. Countries have implemented varying rules such as vaccination requirements, quarantine periods, and mandatory health insurance.

For instance, pet-friendly long-term hotels in Canada have their specific regulations, catering to travelers with furry friends.

Researching the destination’s government website can provide the most accurate and updated information.

Budget Traveling

Traveling on a budget? There are fortunately good ways for travelers to save money while going green. Consider exploring hidden gems like Georgia or Albania.

Utilizing travel comparison websites and booking during off-peak seasons can save a considerable amount.

Moreover, engaging with local communities and trying street food can provide authentic experiences without breaking the bank.

Section 2: 2023 Travel Guides

Choosing the Best Traveling Packages

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family trip, travel packages offer convenience.

All-inclusive packages to places like the Maldives or Disney World can provide a hassle-free vacation.

Be sure to compare different packages and read customer reviews to find the best fit for your needs.

Travel Safety Measures

Safety is paramount, especially during international travel.

From mandatory vehicle inspections for road trips to abiding by airline security measures, it’s vital to comply with regulations.

Don’t forget to carry personal hygiene products like sanitizers and masks, as some countries still require them in public places.

Eco-Friendly Travel in 2023

For the environmentally conscious traveler, options for eco-friendly travel are plentiful.

From sustainable resorts in Costa Rica to using public transportation in European cities, the choices are endless.

Even simple measures like carrying reusable water bottles can make a significant difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

Section 3: Traveling in 2023 Adventure and Experience

Adventure Travel

For adrenaline junkies, 2023 brings opportunities for adventure travel like never before. There are lots of fun activities that you can partake in without harming the planet more than necessary.

Dive with sharks in South Africa or go paragliding over the Swiss Alps.

Try desert safari in Dubai or hike the trails of Patagonia. The world is your playground, filled with thrilling experiences waiting to be explored.

Journey in 2023 – From Planning to Experience

Planning a journey in 2023 requires attention to detail.

From selecting the destination to booking accommodations and activities, every step is essential.

Utilize travel blogs, consult experts, and even use social media for inspiration.

Once everything is in place, all that’s left is to embark on an unforgettable travel experience in 2023.

The journey in 2023 is not just about reaching a destination but embracing the entire process.

It’s about discovering new cuisines, engaging with locals, or even stumbling upon a street musician that touches your soul.

The meticulous planning might lead you to a remote village in Peru where traditional weaving techniques are still practiced.

Or a last-minute detour might have you witnessing a breathtaking sunrise atop a Hawaiian volcano.

In 2023, travel is a canvas, and every experience, whether planned or spontaneous, paints a part of your unique story.

It’s not merely about where you go, but what you discover along the way.

Follow the Right Guidelines as a Sustainable Tourist in 2023

This guide has offered a comprehensive view of what this year holds for sustainable travelers. From budget-friendly options to luxurious getaways, from safety measures to sustainable choices, there’s something for every type of traveler that wants to be careful about protecting the planet.

The world is open and ready to be explored, so grab your passport, follow these guidelines, and start your journey.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits in 2023!


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