And we’re back – Blue & Green Tomorrow has a tomorrow, from today



Just under a month since we succeeded in our crowdfunding campaign and took a break to regroup, we’re back. It’s been a busy few weeks but we’re looking forward to getting back into the game, amplifying the work of sustainable individuals and organisations and pointing a spotlight on the unsustainable.

253 people saved Blue & Green Tomorrow and now we’re planning the next phase in our renaissance. Soon we’ll be launching a crowdcube campaign and selling equity in Blue & Green so our readers can own a stake in the business they read and helped save.

In July and August we had over £400,000 in pledges so we’re optimistic that we can raise the funds we need to put Blue & Green Tomorrow on a solid foundation. We can also then put in place the plans we had before having the rug pulled from underneath us.

The prospectus will be out in the next fortnight.

If you’re interested in investing then make sure you’re registered for our newsletter as we’re only making the offer open to our crowdfunders and registered users. You can register here.


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