Guide to Sustainable Investment: feedback



We’ve had some excellent feedback about last month’s Guide to Sustainable Investment. Investors, fund managers and financial advisers have heaped praise on it, and here’s the best of the comments we’ve received.


High net worth individual:

I’ve just seen your new Guide to Sustainable Investment. Congratulations! It looks seriously impressive and more importantly, to the likes of me, i.e., the financially illiterate, interestingly written and understandable. There is so much about investment I don’t understand and this looks as if I could do so.”

Financial adviser:

I think you’ve done a great job. This is a seriously good guide.”

Fund manager:

“A really interesting and thought provoking document that I’m confident will be used as a valuable reference tool by many in the industry.”

Financial adviser:

Fantastic free 60 page Guide to Sustainable Investment from Blue and Green Tomorrow. Download it now!

For those who want more cutting-edge, in-depth information on different aspects of sustainability, then look no further than our forthcoming Guide to Sustainable Tourism. It’ll be released next week, so if you’re planning a holiday, we advise you to hang fire for a few more days so that you can explore the sustainable options.


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