Leonardo DiCaprio to lend his voice to climate change film



Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has taken another step in campaigning for environmental causes by deciding to voice Green World Rising, a series of short films on climate change.

DiCaprio, who has also produced the movies through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, will narrate the four episodes named ‘Carbon’, Green World Rising’, ‘Restoration’ and ‘Last Hours’.

The first episode discusses the idea of putting a price on carbon, the second looks at renewable and low-carbon solutions, while the third analyses how humans can help restore natural ecosystems. The final film looks at the threat of a ‘methane bomb’ from melting Arctic.

The videos are released free to the public and distributed through a non-commercial Creative Commons License.

DiCaprio says in the film, “We cannot sit idly by and watch the fossil fuel industry make billions at our collective expense. We must put a price on carbon — now.

“If national governments won’t take action, your community can. We can move our economy town by town, state by state to renewable energy and a sustainable future.”

Director Leila Connors praised the actor’s involvement.

She said, “Leonardo is unique in that he has not only an enormous audience, but also an in-depth knowledge of, and passion for, the issue of climate change. Any time you can combine that with a willingness to really get involved, it’s a powerful force for good.”

DiCaprio, who produced and narrated the documentary film The 11th Hour about the world’s greatest environmental issues, has often spoken out about the need to tackle climate change and promote sustainable economies.

He has also campaigned against wildlife trade and exploitation of the oceans, pledging $1 million (£595,000) to an elephant conservation charity and $7 million (£4.1m) to ocean conservation.

Photo: Christopher William Adach via flickr

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