Thank you crowdfunder and our crowdfunders



In August I had the painful task of telling our readers, supporters and the team that we faced an existential crisis. Everyone rallied and we put together a last ditch crowd funding appeal with the excellent people at crowdfunder. Our mission, to raise enough money to survive a cash flow problem. And it worked.

Under the expert guidance of our crowdfunder coach Simon Walker, we put together our written and video pitch, our rewards (to be dispatched before Christmas) and started to reach out to our supporters and readership. It really was easier than we thought possible to get our crowdfunder pitch together.

And we got the support we needed.

So thanks go to the awesome readers and organisations who crowdfunded us – we made it because of you and started publishing again yesterday.

Thanks also go to Ecclesiastical, Alliance Trust, Wheb, Quilter Cheviot, Triodos and the Cochabamba project for their patient support and vote of confidence during a difficult time.

We also have to thank UKSIF and REA for guidance and advice as we made out controlled flight into terrain i.e. an airline euphemism for crashing.

And thanks to the Blue & Green team, past and present, for supporting us through the darkest of times. Specifically, Charlotte, Ilaria, Seth, Tom, Chloe-Louise, Richard and Jemma who were with us when lesser mortals would have walked away.

Personal thanks to Darren, Troy, Richard, Robert, David, Harold, Steve, Rich and Jason (you know who you are) for all the moral support.

If you have a project that needs support, we can’t recommend enough. Not only is the process of setting up a project relatively straightforward, the ongoing support you receive is exceptional – second to none, I’d say.

Tomorrow, we’ll write more about what we’re planning next.


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