Top articles of July 2014



In July, climate change affecting rainfall levels in Southern Australia became our most popular article of the month, whilst scientists offering $30,000 for proof that climate change is not manmade came second.

Climate change creating ‘water crisis’ in Australia

Richard Heasman: Compared to data collected in the 20th century, rainfall levels in Southern Australia are expected to drop by 40% – creating an Australian forever-drought. Read more.

Scientist offers $30,000 for proof that climate change is not manmade

Tom Revell: A climate change expert has offered $30,000 (£17,500) of his own money to anyone who can disprove that mankind is causing global warming, in an effort to demonstrate that climate sceptics cannot support their position. Read more.

London’s Oxford Street has ‘world’s highest’ levels of diesel fumes

Ilaria Bertini: It may be best known for its many shops, but Oxford Street in London is also home to the world’s highest levels of the toxic compound nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which comes from diesel engines and can cause breathing problems and heart-related diseases. Read more.

Meet EcoPlanet Bamboo: the Apple computer of timber

Alex Blackburne: US entrepreneur Troy Wiseman tells Alex Blackburne about his mission to make bamboo the natural world’s next disruptive technology – while making money, providing deforestation-free solutions and helping eradicate poverty.  Read more.

India plans to build ‘world’s largest’ floating solar power plant

Richard Heasman: A 50 megawatt (MW) solar panel project, led by India’s National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), is to be constructed in the southern state of Kerala and floated on one of its lakes. Read more.

Photo: Ron Bennetts via Flickr


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