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7 Ways To Live An Eco-Friendly Life While Staying Healthy



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Nowadays, the most burning concern that we are living with is to stay healthy among all the lifestyle disorders that we have. Not only that, we really have immense unhealthy eating and sleeping habits that we need to change on an immediate basis.

But even then, there are some incredibly eco-friendly techniques that you can always use if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. The environment can cater to the needs of the humans and that is why it is essential to take up green habits and be in collaboration with nature.

Breathe clean air

Breathing clean air is an obvious thing to indulge in when you are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. That is why you also need to go for regular walks in the early morning so that you can have the tinge of unpolluted air. Also, you need to be very careful while decorating your homes and painting them so that they do not have harmful ingredients like ammonia in them. Try to make natural cleansers with baking soda and vinegar so that the air you are breathing is unadulterated.

Use a commute with minimum emission

Now with the advancement of technology, you get to have non-emission cars and other vehicles that will not cause any harm to the environment nor to your body. If possible, use bikes or walk small distances as much as possible to be healthy and save the environment at the same time. Many people say that the people who bike or walk away to their workplace are more productive and alert than those who prefer cars.

Eat as fresh as you possibly can

Local seasonal food is the best to have when you are thinking about eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle. It is one of the best methods to avoid any chemical induction in the body. Seasonal and local fresh foods contain immunity boosting capabilities whereas canned food has absolutely no food value. Fresh eating is a sustainable mode of lifestyle that every individual should cater to.

Reduce the consumption of canned beverages

According to a medical survey it has been seen that people who consume a lot of bottled beverages and aerated drinks are a lot unhealthier than the ones who do not drink those. Not only do they affect the health in an adverse manner but they also cause a lot of harm to the environment because the cans are not at all biodegradable by nature. Even in case of water, try having filtered water from a purifier instead of buying water bottles every now and then so that you do not end up making the world a messier place than it needs to be.

Have a garden around you

Not only is it an incredibly great hobby, but also you get to have the fresh air source around you. Along with all the common plants try having some air purifying plants in and around your home so that you do not have to try and have a healthy lifestyle. Nothing can be more satisfying than walking around in your own garden early in the morning and enjoying the fresh breeze. But remember not to use any chemical pesticide or insecticide on the plants.

Be in the natural sunlight

Did you know that sunlight is the best source of vitamin D that you could ever find? So every morning between 7-8 AM try to have as much direct sunlight as you possibly can so that you can get rid of your vitamin deficiency and have glowing skin as well as a healthy body. Also, it will decrease power consumption and is, therefore, eco-friendly as well. But make sure that you are not coming in direct contact with the sun after 10 am in the morning because that is the time when there is maximum UV radiation which might do more harm than good.

Do outdoor exercise

Instead of indulging in workout assisted by electrical equipment indoors, do some exercises outdoors in the fresh air so that you can stay rejuvenated all day long and also have low power consumption to make the practice eco-friendly. Most of the people who work out outside in fresh air feel that their routine is a bit more productive than the others who do training in confined spaces. This way you can also get direct sunlight and enjoy the morning ambiance.


All we can say is that there are numerous ways to be healthy while being helpful to the environment and the secret is to look closely at your own lifestyle while making the perfect amendments. We have just listed 7 of the same so that you can abide by it daily and be an example to one and all.


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