Creating a Healthy Work Environment for Your Eco-Friendly Business



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There are a lot of factors that come into play when you are creating an eco-friendly business. You need to make sure that your employees will feel comfortable with the setting. This entails more than just paying them the right salary and giving them nice benefits. Your eco-friendly business must also have a good workplace culture.

The Importance of a Great Culture in Your Eco-Friendly Workplace

The most critical aspect of work-life that influences employee motivation and productivity is the work environment; studies suggest that it’s even more important than a job description or salary.

They will partially be motivated by their desire to help the planet. However, you will need to do a lot more if you really want to create a healthy workplace culture.

If you work in an environment where you fit perfectly into the company’s culture, it means you are comfortable communicating with your boss and colleagues. Therefore, as an employer, you need to strive to give your workers the best possible workspace to encourage productivity and engagement. This means doing more than just communicating your vision of helping protect the environment.

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Foster the Healthiest Work Environments with These Simple Tips

Do you want to bring down non-attendance, boost employee morale, and make the workplace a stress-free area for your eco-friendly company? Here are some of the tips you can implement to help you achieve your goals:

#01. Promote Communication

It is essential for you as an organization for your team to be connected, regardless of whether there are remote workers or not. It is not sufficient to only have them work on projects together, but they also need to have a close and beneficial working relationship. Try looking for ways to connect with them. You can try using the HD Video conferencing style, thanks to the technological advancements and start with fundamental and general personal questions like hobbies, favorite destinations, e.t.c. It will not only help you get to know them better but also improve their communication strategies with one another.

#02. Color Me Green

Studies show that the color green increases innovativeness. So, having a great deal of green around us can help. The landlord might be furious with the thought of changing the office wall color; so instead, you can opt for green items. You can, for instance, get your backdrops to hang, bring in green plants, green adornments, wall art, and so forth. We all love a splash of color but instead of the bright green shade opt for sage and sea-foam green. You need shades that will help relax and get you into a more innovative state.

#03. Foster an Openness to New Ideas

It may sound counterproductive, but in reality, having an open approach to conflicting opinions and ideas in the work environment is a step towards the success of your organization. Present a thought that is entirely outside the box, and see where the discussion goes from that point. It may start the as most ridiculous idea, but quickly grows and changes to become something exciting and workable. Allow your team to compose something on an index card related to the plan, gather the index cards, and then pass them out to the group, ensuring that nobody gets theirs.

Lastly, have your team read the ideas and encourage them to react to them. You might end up being surprised and pleased with the results.

#04. Keep it Clean

Many employees (up to 40% of the American population) suffer from allergies, the majority of which are asthma suffers. Allergies are triggered in the work environment by dust, reactions to the chemicals in paint, carpeting, and mold. Symptoms of allergic sensitivities include rashes, itchy eyes, sinus issues, migraines and loss of concentration. According to By Purify, controlling the air quality with an ionic air purifier will help with allergies as they catch 99.9% of microbes and filtrate dirt particles in the air.

It’s crucial from an allergy perspective as well as for employee morale that the office is kept clean and neat at all times. For this reason it is essential to have an excellent cleaning service that comes into dust and vacuum regularly.

#05. Offer Rewards and Bonuses

Positive reinforcement or appreciation is an effective way to demonstrate that you think about your employees. It also boosts their self-esteem and confidence and urges them to improve their productivity. It also helps in creating a friendly and competitive environment in the workplace. It would be best if you also recognized that their input-that is diligent work. Employees and in fact any human being feels incredible when you give them some compensation for their input. You can do so by giving them a meal card or dinner reservations with their friends to some exotic restaurant, a job promotion or a simple ‘thank you for your noted efforts.’  It will contribute to a positive and healthy – and not to overlook, a competitive – working space.

Remember that the best employers know how to create a workplace that draws out the best in their employees by creating an environment of collaboration and openness to new ideas as well as a physical space that encourages productivity.


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