Top 3 Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Companies In Singapore



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Singapore is quickly becoming one of the greenest countries in Asia. They are making a lot of headway in promoting eco-friendly lifestyle and business practices. A couple of years ago, they tightened regulations to ensure greater environmental benefits. They also developed the Singapore Green Plan in 2012, but it took a while before they started making progress on sustainability.

Singapore has finally started making some headway with environmentalism. They have developed number of green companies, such as eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Companies Dominate in Singapore

Every home needs to clean their carpets from time to time. Cleaning carpets ensures the room stays fresh all the time. In the past, people in Singapore had to either clean the carpets themselves or they hire carpet cleaners. However, the carpets can be clean and still pose a number of health issues. This is because carpet cleaning processes tended to use phosphate and other harsh chemicals. These contaminants pollute your house. Too many chemicals endanger your health and can wreck the environment.

Traditional cleaning products like triclosan, phosphates and NPEs are hazardous to animals and vegetation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has talked about the need to use greener cleaning products. Carpet cleaners in Singapore are following suit.

What are the alternatives?

A growing number of Singapore households are using eco-friendly cleaning companies. They have well-trained professionals who use organic substances to clean your carpets, instead of using dangerous chemicals. Recently, most companies have embraced eco-friendly carpet cleaning and they are beginning to receive positive feedback from their clients. Therefore, if you are looking for an dco-friendly service provider here in Singapore then you are in the right place.

I am going to highlight Top 3 Eco-friendly carpet cleaning companies here in Singapore to help you understand what they offer and why they should be your all-time service provider.

Absolute Carpet Cleaning

They are ready to attend to your home and office carpets professionally. You might have a busy schedule, so you don’t have time to clean them yourself. Therefore, by choosing them, you will get services such as aircon servicing, curtain cleaning, office, and laundry cleaning.

They are keen on manufacturers specifications when cleaning your carpets and always look for the most sustainable options. Their professionals will first cross-check the fabric used in making the carpet so that they can use organic substances which are chemical-free to clean your carpets. Most homeowners who had problems with allergic reaction have now found an ultimate solution for their carpets.

Absolute Cleaning company is customer-oriented since they come to your home pick your dirty carpet and transport it for specialized cleaning. When your carpet is ready, they will deliver it back to your doorstep Free of charge. You will realize that when using eco-friendly cleaning substances your carpet will have an extended life span and you will experience an all-time fresh and conducive atmosphere.

E-Home Carpet Cleaning Services

This is another excellent eco-friendly carpet cleaning company service in Singapore. They use non-toxic substances to clean carpets to ensure their customers are not exposed to the risk of infections from harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, E home carpet cleaning company have the latest package of cleaning equipment which will leave your carpets sparkling clean. Their professionals will ensure even the most stubborn stains are gotten rid of. The company also acknowledges that you might be under a tight schedule. Thus, they pick your carpet for cleaning upon request. When all the necessary cleaning is done, your carpet will be delivered back so that you can enjoy living in a conducive environment free from allergens and toxic chemicals.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd

I know you wish the best for your carpet and in most cases choosing the right company can be a challenge. An Eco-friendly cleaning company is the only choice that you have. Singapore carpet cleaning Pte Ltd is a trusted upholstery and carpet cleaning company that will get the job well done. They entirely use organic material with a green seal purposely to clean your carpets. Other companies lack proper labels hence they use pesticides and dry-cleaning products to clean your carpets which is wrong and harmful to your health. These toxic chemicals can cause nausea, headache, sneezing, and asthma.

Therefore, this company is focused on getting rid of potential risks that come along with carpets cleaning. They use the latest technological equipment in both cleaning and drying your carpets. Failure to dry your carpets well after cleaning can attract molds to grow on your carpet.

Therefore, they have skillfully mastered all that carpet cleaning entails using Eco-friendly substances. Additionally, they also provide other services such as office cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and house cleaning.

They provide these services at an affordable cost and they ensure you have the right experts to do the job.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners Flourish in Singapore

These carpet cleaning companies are highly committed to sustainability. They offer services that help clean carpets without damaging the environment.


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