5 Spectacular Eco-Friendly Fashion Ideas For 2019



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Are you interested in living a greener lifestyle? You may want to consider the different ways that you can live up to this commitment. One thing that many people overlook is the importance of following more environmentally friendly fashion trends.

There Are Plenty of Great Sustainable Fashion Trends in 2019

Purchasing new clothes can seem like a necessary evil to the environmentally conscious consumer. Clothes are certainly essential, but the fashion industry is definitely not the kindest to the environment, from the use of animal furs and leathers to exploitative use of labor, use of toxic chemicals and huge amounts of waste. And, even though there are more fashion brands than ever before now using organic cotton or recycled materials, it’s hard to say that any one brand is true, 100% green. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to be more environmentally friendly with your fashion choices. These include:

#1. Avoid Fast Fashion:

New fashion trends are coming out all the time, and when you hit the high street clothing stores, you’ll find new styles arriving every other day. Fast fashion might be cheap and convenient when you want to get the latest looks as quickly as possible, but the truth is – it’s not great for the environment and these clothing and footwear items tend to be cheaply made, so they’ll never last very long. Instead, be more eco-conscious with your fashion choices by investing more money into designer brands and high-quality items that were built to last a long time. Not only will this help you avoid falling into the trap of fast fashion, but you’ll also save money in the long run. For example, if you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers, invest in a pair of Balenciaga sneakers instead of high street copies. Yes, they’ll cost you more – but they will last you for years compared to months, and they will be much more comfortable to wear. Head over to a reputable retailer like SSENSE to check out the latest Balenciaga shoes.

#2. Shop Second Hand:

Thrift stores aren’t just good for getting a bargain – they’re also brilliant for the environment. And, with the rise of fast fashion and the wealth of next-day delivery options when it comes to shopping online, you can often find items in thrift shops that haven’t even been worn yet, or maybe worn just a handful of times. After you’ve washed and ironed your new clothes, you won’t even be able to tell that they’re not brand new. If you’re fashion conscious, vintage fashion is an awesome look that you’ll certainly be turning heads in. Check out kilo vintage clothes sales in your area, or head to online selling apps such as Depop, where you can grab a pre-loved bargain.

#3. Recycle Your Own Clothes:

What do you do when you’re done wearing something? Maybe it’s too worn to wear, or you’ve simply outgrown it. There’s no need to throw your old clothes away when you’re done with them, with several different options available when it comes to recycling and reusing them. If something’s well-worn and no longer fit for purpose, you can repurpose it by turning it into household items such as cloths for cleaning, or try to salvage any reusable material by making it into a pillow case or decorative item for your home. If you’re a parent, using old clothes to make new clothes for dolls and teddy bears can be a fun activity to do with your kids and teach them about sewing and textiles at the same time.

#4. Donate Your Clothes:

Another option for clothes that you’ve no longer got any use for is to donate them. However, be wary if you’re going to donate to your local thrift store, as not every item that you give them will actually be sold on. Check charitable organizations in your area and see if there is anybody in need who you can give the clothes directly too. Homeless people and people on a very low income are always grateful for anything that you can spare; and you’ll feel amazing for being able to help those less privileged than yourself, too. Another option would be to get together with your community and hold a ‘clothes swap’ event; it’s a great way to get some new items for free and get rid of unwanted clothes at the same time.

#5. Buy Locally:

Last but not least, check out small local businesses in your area that sell fashion and support them as often as you can. Even if they don’t do business with the environment at the forefront of their minds, it’s always better to support designers and artists who create fashion in your area and from locally sourced materials, compared to a chain store that outsources labor overseas and uses massive factories that have a huge impact on the planet. And, along with doing your bit for the environment, you’ll be supporting your local economy, too.

Fashion is something that we can’t get away from, but there’s no need to let your fashion choices damage the environment further.

Following the Best Green Fashion Choices in 2019 is Essential

If you are serious about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, you need to put your money where your mouth is. This includes making sustainable choices when buying clothes. There are lots of green fashion choices to follow this year.


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