A Step Towards Change By The Industrial Strategy



Commenting on the Green Paper on Industrial Strategy, James Court, Head of Policy & External Affairs at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“The REA welcomes the emphasis on capturing the economic benefits of moving towards a low-carbon energy system, especially the support laid out for energy storage and electric vehicles, two areas where the UK can be global leaders. We also hope a focus on reducing energy costs will mean more supportive policies for onshore wind and solar which are now the cheapest forms of energy generation, yet are facing a block to market through current government policy.

“Many elements of this strategy are encouraging, we welcome the interest in setting up an energy storage research institution and strengthening links between industry and academia so that products that are researched in the UK are commercialised in the UK. We also welcome a more coordinated cross-governmental effort to reduce barriers to clean energy deployment, and to encourage businesses to decarbonise their own electricity, heat and transport would be a positive step forward.

“The “Open Door Challenge” is a real opportunity to ensure industry and government are working much more closely, and our members look forward to helping Ministers in realising a more ambitious, outward-facing and modern UK energy industry.


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