Patriots Use Solar Flagpole Lights To Show Commitment To Sustainability



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A close friend of mine left the army a couple of years ago. He stated that a growing number of people in the military are expressing their commitment to sustainability. This is substantiated by a recent post from Mother Jones on 14 Weird Ways the Military is Going Green.

There are a lot of ways that veterans and active duty troops can live a green lifestyle. According to my friend, one of the simplest ways is to use more energy efficient flagpole lights.

Are Flagpole Lights Really Helping the Troops Go Green?

There are many ways veterans are going green. Many of them have started living as sustainable farmers. It is kind of remarkable how they have started looking at the many ways there are to lower carbon footprints. EZvid Wiki shared a great YouTube video on the environmental benefits of solar flagpole lights.

Have you served your country by being in the army and you are proud to have your country’s flag flying high in your front yard? Do you always have to bring the flag down every day as soon as the sun goes down?

You can avoid this by having a flagpole light installed. Flagpole lights can be installed on the pole that keeps the flag flying high. You can also get solar flagpole lights to save a lot of electric energy. But before you go and buy this fantastic device, here are a few things that you need to consider:

1.    How the light looks

Flagpole lights are not like a tube light or bulb that is attached to the pole. They look more like a spotlight, but it will be up to you to decide how you want the light to look. The solar flagpole lights come in different styles and sizes, and you need to decide how much light you want or the style of the light that will look best on the pole. To make sure you choose the best style, you can take a photograph of the flag along with the pole to compare the styles.

2.    Light brightness

The second factor to consider is the brightness of the light. Do you want a lot of light to focus on the flag or just a standard powered light that will do the job of lighting the flag just fine? Ideally, you will want the flag to look decent when it is mounted on the flagpole, and the light brightness should be such that it will be bright, warm, and soft when it is focusing on the flag.

3.    Installation of the solar flagpole light

Although most of these solar lights are easy to install because of their small size, you need to check the circumference of the pole before buying the light. Make sure that the light is compatible with the size of the pole. You should buy a flagpole light that is easy to install because you wouldn’t want to pay another professional to get it done. Also, try to see the procedure by which the light can be taken off from the pole. If the light becomes faulty for some reason, it will have to be taken down and sent for repairs.

4.    Power of the solar cells

Since you will be buying a solar-powered light for your flagpole, you should check the power of solar cells used. These cells will absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity that will light up the flag at night. In addition to the power of the cells, you will also need to keep the size of the panels while buying these lights. Depending on the light that you are buying, the solar panels and the power cells will vary.

It will be best to compare a few of the solar flagpole lights before you buy one. Many companies claim to provide the best lights, but you should always do a background check before shelling out money.

Solar Flagpole Lights Could be the Key to Sustainability

There are a number of ways veterans and other patriots can go green. Investing in solar flagpole lights is one of the newest approaches they are considering. Many more exciting eco-friendly investments could be around the corner, so it’s a great time to go green.


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