The Ultimate Eco-Tourist Guide To Finding Fantastic Hotel Deals



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We have previously discussed the emerging ecotourism market. According to the United States Green Building Council, the market for ecotourism is $77 billion. This is around 7% of the entire tourism industry.

The eco-tourist market is still defining itself. One of the issues is that ecotourists face a number of challenges. They don’t just want to help the environment. They also want to save money.

There are a number of ways that ecotourists can save money with last minute hotel deals.

The eco-tourist guide to saving money with deals on hotels

Last minute deals on sustainable hotel rooms can save you lots of money.  Finding these deals is also exciting as an ecotourist.  These deals create a mystery that tourists need to solve.

Plus, hotels charge the lowest prices during these times.  With last minute booking, you don’t have to go through the stress of planning for your trip. It’s something you do impulsively—creating the excitement and giving you the power to be more adventurous. But how do you secure the best last-minute hotel deal? This article is going to delve into the best ways you can use to secure great last-minute deals.

Travel Rewards plus Incentive Programs

Leverage your travel reward points. Sign up with as many hotels and other incentive travel programs as possible. Doing so gives you a platform to access rewards and exclusive travel deals.

Mid-Week and Off-Peak Hours

If flexibility is on your side, consider going for a mid-week hotel stay. Things are cheaper during mid-week. Plus, most hotels tend to give discounts from Sunday to Friday. So, travel during the week and leave weekends to those who are willing to spend more.

Talk to other Travelers

The online ecotourist community is the best place to engage with other sustainable travelers. So, go look for ecotourist deals online. Look for tips for awesome sustainable travel destinations. Get suggestions regarding deals and learn what to avoid. Engage with other people. Post questions via online travel forums and other social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. Leverage on many social, media communities before entering into any hotel deal. This will help you secure the best last-minute deals that suit your needs.

Be Flexible

Last minute hotel deals are prompt. Naturally, you don’t expect to get exactly what you need. Thus, being flexible with your accommodation requirements is key. Be flexible with the size and type of room you want. Doing so gives your hotel representatives the freedom to give you a wide price range.

Your Organization

Are you a member of a recognized organization—such as the military club, social organization, or wildlife club? Check with them if they have a discount arrangement with any hotel chains. Tell your hotel representative that you are a member of a certain organization. Ask them if they have a discount arrangement with your organization.

Call Them

The Internet alone won’t give you the best last-minute hotel deal. Call the hotel representatives. Ask them if they have last minute deals. Remember, rates in their website listings are not always the best. Plus, you can renegotiate the cost and get a better discount. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. Hotel managers don’t usually say no. So be bold.

Get Great Deals as a Sustainable Traveler

Traveling sustainably is a major concern in 2019. You want to do your part to help the environment, but you must also make sure that you don’t break your budget. The good news is that there are a lot of eco-tourism options that don’t cost and arm and a leg. Impulsive travel can sometimes sound expensive and puzzling. However, they are doable when it comes to the budget. It can be exciting and adventurous. And you don’t have to panic about your last-minute hotel booking. Remember, getting a good hotel deal boils down to price and comfort. Use the above tips and secure a great last-minute hotel deal and enjoy your trip nonstop. Good luck!


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