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Are you seriously committed to living a sustainable lifestyle? You might not be doing as much to protect the environment as you would like to believe. One of the biggest reasons people fail to live a green lifestyle is that they aren’t making sustainable clothing choices.

The World Resources Institute has discussed this issue in detail. They pointed out that people bought 60% more clothes in 2014 as in 2000.

You need to consider the environmental impact of fashion choices. Stella McCartney has said that this is something every person striving to live a green lifestyle must keep in mind.

It’s taken far too long, but we are finally waking up to the fact that the profligate consumption of the earth’s resources by the western world is a road to destruction.   People in the west are beginning to understand that all consumption comes at an environmental cost, from flicking a light switch, to turning a tap to even the clothes you wear.

Stella McCartney has said that ‘the world is drowning in fashion’. The fashion industry has encouraged us to believe that to be stylish, we must be in constant pursuit of the new, that we must discard barely worn clothing in favor of the latest style.  Fast fashion has led to an explosion of cheap clothing, often made from toxic materials in the sweatshops of the third world.  At last, the tide is starting to turn and more and more people are starting to question what they are wearing and the social and environmental conditions in which it was produced.

Sustainable fashion means that the production of the clothing and accessories has had a minimal environmental impact on the planet and that the workers involved in the production are not put at risk or exploited economically.  Sustainable fashion can therefore be more costly for the consumer, just as the production costs of organic vegetables make them more expensive. This doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that sustainable clothing is only for the wealthy though, so here are some tips to help you develop a more sustainable wardrobe.

Upcycle your existing clothing

We all have items of fast fashion in our wardrobe. We throw them out before they are worn out is not helping the planet.  Try not to buy this sort of clothing again and upcycle the clothing you have.  If clothing modification isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have time, then find a local tailor or dress maker who will.

You don’t have to buy from a top designer

Stella McCartney is perhaps the best-known fashion designer with a focus on sustainable clothing, but her garments are beyond the reach of most people.  She is an important role model for the industry and as a result of her high- profile championing of the cause there are now a growing variety of brands producing sustainable clothing.

Invest in quality

Cheap products that don’t last are bad for the environment and a waste of your money.  Spend the extra money and invest in something that will last.  Take sunglasses for example.  How many cheap pairs of sunglasses have you bought at the beach, only to break them in a matter of weeks? Choose a quality sunglasses label, as they will give you better protection and prove far more durable.

Buy clothes from vintage shops

Shop with a clear conscience and experience the thrill of finding something really special that no one else has.  There are now an increasing number of online stores specializing in vintage and second-hand clothing.

Speak to your friends

Communication is a great way to make eco-friendly fashion more affordable.  Swap tips, swap clothing and spread the word.

Make Sustainable Fashion Cheap and Feasible

There are a lot of reasons that anyone living a green lifestyle needs to make better fashion choices. The tips listed here should help you live up to these expectations.


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