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Guide to Sustainable Investment 2016

The Guide to Sustainable Investment May 2016

Is this really issue six? Yes it is. You are about to hold in your hand the sixth edition of our flagship guide. This is what Blue & Green is really all about, without being all mind-numbingly dull about it – investing, and sustainable investing at that. Little did...

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Creating A Sustainable Office: 4 Ways To Get Employees On Board

Sustainability has become a determining factor in customer loyalty, but changing entrenched company practices can be a hard sell with employees. How can you get them to buy in? You’ll have an easier time gaining employee cooperation if you introduce green business practices through personal integrity and leadership and...

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Will aviation contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement’s goals?

Crunch time for governments to strike aviation climate agreement this Fall Nations agreed in December 2015 to cut carbon pollution within their borders and pursue all efforts to limit increase in the global average temperature to 1.5 °C. But the Paris Agreement didn’t decide what to do about the...

Yesterday’s Headlines 23/05/2016

Yesterday’s Headlines 23/05/2016

In case you missed it, yesterday we published stories on insurance company Axa pulling out of investment in the tobacco industry, the new Scottish climate change secretary and innovative plastic villages in Panama. There was also news that the Public Services Act won’t be extended, cigarette packets have to...

Edinburgh Remakery, Leith Walk, Edinburgh.
The opening of the new 're-use superstore' in Edinburgh.

More info from Claire Munro at Zero Waste Scotland

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07901 604 365

Scotland Embrace Second-hand Shopping

A company in Scotland is looking to reinvent second-hand shopping and repair skills in Edinburgh. The grand opening of the Edinburgh Remakery took place last weekend and customers got a real taste of recycling and reuse in the city. The Edinburgh Remakery was welcomed by a number of business-people...


The Organic Market is Booming

The Best of Organic Market (BOOM) Awards, which recognise pioneering organic products, remarkable retailers and restaurants and bloggers who promote organic food and living, were held earlier this month. The winners were chosen by an independent judging panel of well-known chefs, restauranteurs, food writers and specialists, celebrity foodies and...

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Panama Village Tackles Plastic Problem

Plastic bottle waste causes destruction across the planet. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, but it never erodes completely and it is often consumed by wildlife and marine animals. The Plastic Bottle Village is an innovative way to combat the destruction plastic waste can cause. The average consumer...


Tourism Industry Protecting Our Oceans

World Oceans Day, which takes place on Wednesday 8 June, is a chance to celebrate our seas and remember that it is our behaviour that impacts on the ocean’s survival. Our oceans come under significant strain from every day from overexploitation, illegal and unreported and unregulated fishing, marine pollution...

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5 low tech ways your business can reduce go green and save money

There is no doubt that going green can save money for your business – as long as you do it properly. Not only does the UK government offer subsidies to businesses with low carbon footprints, but using energy saving devices will obviously lower your businesses energy bill. Becoming more...


Countdown Begins For International Festival of Business 2016

There are less than 30 days remaining before the start of the International Festival of Business 2016 (IFB2016). The countdown was announced at an exclusive roundtable event at BT Tower in London last week. Britain’s business leaders came together to mark the date. The roundtable event featured an exhibition...

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Invest in relaxation with a used motor home

One of things many people don’t fully appreciate about a motor home is the fact that there are so many things you can do with them. You can choose to go away on holiday, you can take some time off and just drift from region to region, or you...

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New Inventions that Can Change the World

We are living in a world where population growth is putting a serious strain on the wellbeing of our planet. The last two centuries have seen a mind-boggling sevenfold increase in global population, and with it an exponential growth in our food and energy needs. Pollution, global warming, deforestation...

Yesterday’s Headlines 19/05/2016

Yesterday’s Headlines 19/05/2016

Yesterday’s news included an announcement from the University of East Anglia that scientists have found tiny organisms in the sea that control the Earth’s temperature, the London Borough of Hounslow unveiled it’s installing the largest solar PV array by a local authority and electric meters in Europe are hoped...

Fabien Roques Discusses Flexible Power Supply

Fabien Roques Discusses Flexible Power Supply

Technological advances are allowing Europe to transform its power systems. What’s important now is to keep supply and demand balanced. Fabien Roques, Senior Vice President of Compass Lexicon and POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe Advisory Board member discusses how flexibility is more important than ever. Read what...

Herbert Piereder Argues Local Power is a Revolution

Herbert Piereder Argues Local Power is a Revolution

POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe Advisory Board member Herbert Piereder, Consultant Director at Applied Materials, argues that local power could completely transform the energy sector. He describes local power as a revolution with a difference – he says while most revolutions fight against states, this one depends...