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Investing ethically to ‘effect change’

Hugh Cuthbert, co-fund manager of the SVM All Europe SRI Fund, spoke with Alex Blackburne to explain how, by investing wisely in willingly-improving companies, his fund is designed to effect change within the global economy. Each ethical investment fund, whilst possessing similar underlying qualities, is different in its approach to...

Prince of Wales

Green energy start-up Tamar secures high-profile backers

The Prince of Wales, investment banker Jacob Rothschild and supermarket Sainsbury’s are just three of the big names to have invested in Tamar Energy, a company that is raising £65m to produce energy from organic waste. Tamar is in the process of developing a £65m network of anaerobic digestion (AD)...

Wind Turbine

Questions of efficiency

In response to critical comments made by National Trust Chairman Sir Simon Jenkins about wind power, Blue & Green Tomorrow speaks with Dr Matthias Fripp, NextEra Energy Resources research fellow in renewable energy at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute.

Helen Tandy

‘Think differently about the world that we live in’

Helen Tandy, a director at Manchester-based financial advisers, Gaeia, tells Charlotte Reid about how she got into ethical investment, and how having a family made her think differently about the future of the planet. It is good to get recognition for your work. For Helen Tandy, it came as a...

Claudia Quiroz

Invest sustainably now, and sector growth will ensure big rewards

Claudia Quiroz, manager of the Cheviot Climate Assets Fund, explained to Alex Blackburne how investing sustainably can help to tackle global challenges. Reducing carbon emissions, improving the food supply and demand imbalance and reducing water shortages: these are arguably the three biggest challenges that the world is currently facing.

Kelly Evans

Green Dragon: Kelly Evans

For businesses to survive they must stand for something other than profit – according to Kelly Evans from Social Change. Charlotte Reid spoke to her to find out how she is convincing companies to change their behaviour for good. Our previous Green Dragons have wanted to help the environment by...

John Cook

Green Dragon: John Cook

Tackling climate change is hard enough, without also having to tackle a vocal group of people who deny it altogether. John Cook’s answer is Skeptical Science, a blog which debunks climate change myths. Charlotte Reid spoke to him. John Cook started his blog, Skeptical Science, after an argument with his...

Martin Stewart with UKSIF chair, Penny Shepherd

How spirituality and teachings on sustainable development can lead to ethical investment

Martin Stewart, managing director at Stewart Investment Planning, spoke to Alex Blackburne about how a "strong inner-battle" between his work and his beliefs guided him naturally, to ethical investment.  People get into ethical investment for a variety of reasons. For some, it's because they want to make the sector...

The world needs ethical, environmental and entrepreneurial leaders

The world needs ethical, environmental and entrepreneurial leaders

With climate change and resource scarcity reaching tipping point and the global economy flat-lining, Simon Leadbetter asks, where have all the 'leaders' gone? In times of great crisis, great leaders emerge to help us, the 'followers', reach a brighter and better tomorrow; from overthrowing fascism in the 1940s to facing...

Ben Goldsmith

Green Dragon: Ben Goldsmith

David Tebbutt meets the environmental entrepreneur What if we dug out and burned all the hydrocarbons buried in the ground? "Then we'd be toast."Thus ended a conversation with the delightful Ben Goldsmith, a man with remarkable clarity of thought and purpose. At thirty...

Green Dragon: Julian Parrott

Green Dragon: Julian Parrott

Lori Heaford uncovers Parrott’s passion for punk. Julian Parrott is an interesting man: an independent financial adviser specialising in ethical investment; a keen activist in the development of ethical finance; and a punk. If the punk era taught us anything, it’s the value of getting involved to make a difference...

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Green Dragon: Stewart Brand

David Tebbutt gets to know this profound thinker, iconoclast and provocateur. Stewart Brand is a man who discovers paradigms, figures out how to shift them and then does it. Being born in 1938 gave him a certain advantage. While the sixties generation was still finding...

Green Dragon – Juliet Davenport

Green Dragon – Juliet Davenport

Juliet Davenport – CEO Good Energy In 1999, with environmental consultancy ESD, Juliet set up the company that would become Good Energy. She became CEO in 2000 and, following the first share offering in 2002, saw over 600 customers buying into her idea. That extra finance bought a wind...