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Clean, green energy at home

Domestic energy use accounts for just under a third of all energy use in the UK (Energy Savings Trust).  Switching to a clean, green alternative not only means you’ll be reducing pollution but providing valuable investment for this emerging industry and possibly saving money at the same time.


There are many suppliers of green or eco energy tariffs i.e. those that use cleaner energy sources such as renewables.

Blue & Green Tomorrow’s preferred supplier is Good Energy, the only 100% renewable energy company in the UK.

“Good Energy provides electricity to more than 26,000 electricity customers from wind, water, sunlight and sustainable biomass and is the only dedicated 100 percent renewable electricity supplier in the UK. It offers the UK’s first renewable heat incentive to those with solar thermal installations, funded by revenue from gas sales; and its online shop sells products and equipment for saving energy, including microgeneration. Good Energy has pioneered reward schemes that support over 1,500 independent green generators, and has won numerous awards for its business.”

If you’d like to switch to Good Energy, click here.