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Good Money Week 2016 Good Reads



Here’s around up of the articles we’ve enjoyed reading during this year’s Good Money Week. If you want a longer read, download our Guide to Sustainable Investment.

FT: Ethical investing’s rebranding is actually one of substance

Investors’ willingness to engage on ethical questions may actually improve returns

Investment, like many other products that need to be sold to customers, is about marketing and branding. Find the right catchword or slogan and the brand might catch on. And this is not just about appearance — find the right way to rebrand, and you might well also find the critical change to your product that will give it appeal, and deliver value to customers.

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The Guardian: Do you want your savings to go into selling cigarettes?

Are you happy with 5% of every penny you save going into selling cigarettes? New research reveals how small investors in Britain are pouring their money into tobacco companies and giant oil and coal companies that are wrecking the environment without realising.

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Herald Scotland: Tech-savvy Millennial generation prompts evolution of ethical investment

While ethical investment really took off around 25 years ago, ethics and investments have existed for centuries.

As far back as 1602 the first company to issue shares, the Dutch East India Company, faced boycotts from religious institutions because of its involvement in the slave trade.

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Money Observer: Four things to consider when investing ethically

Almost half of Britons think that the best way to use their money responsibly is by refusing to purchase products from companies whose ethical stance they don’t agree with (43 per cent), or buying ethically sourced goods (42 per cent), according to new research by Rathbone Greenbank Investments.

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FT Adviser; Public lack ethical investment awareness

Over half of the British public are unaware that sustainable and ethical financial products exist, according to annual research carried out by Good Money Week.

The initiative, which is sponsored by Aviva, Standard Life Investments and ethical lender Triodos Bank, found that 43 percent of the public would be more likely to buy a financial product if made aware of such option, a figure that rose to 53% of 18-24 year olds.

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Morningstar: How Sustainable Investing Will Prosper in the Future

Esmé van Herwijnen, Responsible Investment Analyst, EdenTree Investment Management, explains the virtues of sustainable investing.

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Professional Adviser: Public supports ethical investment kitemark – research

Public opinion supports the introduction of a kitemark-style label to help identify financial products that operate in a sustainable or ethical way, according to research commissioned to mark Good Money Week.

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