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How to get fit whilst generating energy

How to get fit whilst generating energy

How you can stay in shape whilst also contributing energy to the grid? Alex Blackburne explains how a company in America have figured out how by using a new range of fitness equipment.

With 2012 in its infancy, many New Year’s resolutions will be firmly out of the window already. Plans to quit smoking, give up alcohol, or get fit, are just a handful of the most common pledges to be made then scrapped – often before Big Ben has completed its chimes.

To address the third resolution on that list – getting fit – what about if you could do this whilst also generating energy for your home?

Well, an American company, SportsArt Fitness, has come up with a range of products – called a “pod” – that are attached to an inverter to harness the power from each exercise session and feed it back into the grid as useable energy.

And it’s not just for the staunch environmentalists among us either. Fitness freaks and gymaholics will be able to maintain their shape whilst doing good for the environment. It’s the perfect combination.  

A video of the company’s so-called ‘Green System’ can be found below.

SportsArt Fitness certainly isn’t the first company to realise the potential of harnessing human energy.

There is ReRev, whose equipment produces 50 watt hours of clean, carbon-free electricity after a 30-minute workout. SportsArt Fitness’ ‘Green System’ claims to produce a massive 2000 watt hours or electricity, though that’s if ten highly-tuned athletes are operating all ten possible machines.

The Green Revolution Inc. also provides similar products, whilst there are a few gyms, across America in particular, that focus their efforts on providing users with environmentally-friendly workouts.

To find out more about SportsArt Fitness’ eco-friendly products, visit its website. As well as generating your own energy, your home can become 100%, too. To do this, get in touch with Good Energy.

Photo: SportsArt Fitness

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