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Now we are five: Most popular articles 2010 to 2015

5th birthday cake by Andy Eick via Flickr

Today is not only the day we apparently celebrate the torture and execution of a man who failed to blow up parliament and the king in 1605 – by burning bonfires and letting off rockets. It’s also Blue & Green’s fifth birthday. Here’s a short wander down memory lane at the most popular articles by year by year. This is the content that brought us 972,000 readers and 2m page views.

2010 – ink on paper

– T’was all print in ye dim and distant past – you can read the old editions here.

2011 – digital dots on a screen

– David Tebbutt meets the environmental entrepreneur. Read more.


– The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2012. Read more.

– The Guide to Sustainable Banking 2012. Read more.

– Peace and security are part of sustainable development, says UN secretary-general. Read more.


– 54-year-old message in a bottle predicted Arctic melt. Read more.

– Pope Francis speaks out against fracking and environmental devastation. Read more.

– Seven UK firms make it onto World’s Most Ethical Companies list. Read more.

– Greenland experiences ‘record high’ temperatures. Read more.


– University of Oxford college votes for vegan meals to help fight climate change. Read more.

– Longitude Prize revived to offer £10m to solve greatest scientific challenges. Read more.

– Rising sea levels uncover Japanese war dead in Marshall Islands. Read more.

– Vast ice structures discovered beneath Greenland ice sheet. Read more.

– Petition to ‘stop SeaWorld from imprisoning whales for profit’ passes 200,000 signatures. Read more.

2015 (so far)

– Quote of the day: “We do these things because they are hard”. Read more. (Yep, Ed.)

– One size doesn’t fit all: democracy is not always the best form of government. Read more.

– Cameron, Clegg and Miliband sign joint climate change agreement. Read more.

– Book review: Small Is Beautiful: A study of Economics as if People Mattered – EF Schumacher (1973). Read more.

– Why tourism can be a force for good in the developing world, and why it isn’t. Read more.

– Not just unethical, tobacco is a financially unsustainable investment. Read more.


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Picture: 5th birthday cake by Andy Eick via Flickr

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