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Bulbs By Amit Burstein Via Flickr

Innovation Challenge Launched By EDF Energy

Awards aiming to get start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs on board with energy innovation. EDF Energy has today launched the EDF Energy Pulse Awards, a competition to crowd source innovative ideas to address key challenges facing the energy industry. Start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs are being offered the chance to get expert support...


Save B&GT: We’ve hit 30% – thank you!

If we can get to 50% in the next few days we can secure the other half. Our average pledge is £208, so we just need another 87 of those to hit £45,000. The average pledge across Crowdfunder is around £52, so we’d just need another 346 of those....


Amount saved in ISA accounts sees largest fall in 15 years

The amount of money held in cash ISAs fell in April at the fastest monthly rate since the accounts were introduced in 1999, according to figures from the Bank of England. Low interest rates and incoming reforms are thought to be responsible. ISAs, or individual savings accounts, allow individuals...

Photo: Graham Lacdao / St Paul’s Cathedral

Christiana Figueres’s nine essential climate actions for individuals

At a recent event at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres invited individuals not to simply leave the grand building with inspiring words, but to instead take concrete action to help fight climate change. “Because we cannot ask others to do what we have not...

Photo: Charles Chan via Flickr

Responsible tourism means helping communities to thrive

In July, I wrote about the importance of spending your holiday and travel money locally. It’s a principle I always hold to, and other than in times of desperation (and they come) means that I avoid the logos and brands I am so easily dazzled by in London. But...

Lawrence Tomlinson

‘We need a radical shake-up of the banking system’

What is next for the banking sector? How can we spell an end to the irresponsible and unsustainable activity that goes on? One man charged with formulating a business response to these questions and more is Lawrence Tomlinson, entrepreneur-in-residence at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). A...

Photo: Ted Swagerty

China’s mega ‘solar cities’ are great, but sustainability is about scaling stuff down

I recently spent a day in Dezhou, one of China’s famed ‘solar cities’. As a bright and cheery advertisement explained, “Just like the Silicon Valley, this is the Solar Valley.” The ad was remarkable for several reasons. First, China’s economic development plan of copying hallmark western institutions was essentially...

Photo: Elliott Brown via Flickr

BBC urged to promote flourishing social business sector in The Apprentice

A high-profile group of social entrepreneurs and business leaders have written to the BBC, urging it to widen the reach of The Apprentice so that it focuses more on social business. The campaign, co-ordinated by the national body Social Enterprise UK, describes the hit reality show as “out of...

Photo: Images_of_Money via Flickr

Aggressive tax avoidance keeps on hitting the headlines

First it was big brands such as Starbucks, Amazon and Google squirming in parliament. Then it was the big four accountancy firms (KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte) sharing their ‘impartial’ insight with parliament while operating as well-paid advisers to government on tax policy and profiting from rules...

richard branson

Sir Richard Branson signs renewables letter to PM

A high-profile coalition of renewable energy campaigners has written a letter to David Cameron, asking for clarity over the Government’s stance on land-based clean power. The alliance, which includes Sir Richard Branson, Juliet Davenport and Ben Goldsmith, along with a plethora of prominent investors,...


Schwarzenegger heads Sustainia project to ‘inspire change’

If his mildly successful eight year stint as Californian Governor wasn’t surprising enough, actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is now fronting a movement called Sustainia – in which a sustainable future is visualised online. Schwarzenegger, who is perhaps most famous for starring as robotic assassin, The Terminator, is creating the initiative with...

story of stuff

Behind The Story of Stuff – Part II

Blue & Green Tomorrow is passionate about reducing the impact that we consumers have on our finite blue and green planet. We are, therefore, delighted to share the second part of an interview with Annie Leonard on her motivations and the future of The Story of Stuff Project.

story of stuff

Behind The Story of Stuff

Blue & Green Tomorrow is passionate about reducing the impact that we consumers have on our finite blue and green planet. We are, therefore, delighted to share a two part interview with Annie Leonard on her motivations, and the origins and future of The Story of Stuff Project.

sir paul nurse

Sir Paul Nurse on climate change and the economy

“The New Enlightenment” saw leading geneticist and Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse cover food security, climate change, global health and creating a sustainable economy. Last night, The 2012 Richard Dimbleby Lecture began somewhat timidly, but Sir Paul Nurse quickly entered into a crescendo that covered much ground in current...

Donald Trump

Anti-Wind Watch: new complaints to rebuff

Wind turbines have been on the receiving end of more criticism this week, most of which revolves around the effect on the rural landscape. Considering the alternatives, though, turbines should be praised for their aesthetic appeal. The most recent opponents of wind farms come in the form of Lincolnshire MP,...