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Morrisons Seafood Certified Sustainable

Just 2% of Morrisons’ Wild-Caught Seafood Certified Sustainable

New figures from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) show that discount supermarket, Lidl has more than doubled its range of sustainably sourced seafood over the last year to become the UK’s third largest retailer of MSC certified produce, behind Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, who have also strengthened their sustainable seafood...

scotland coast by Colin Brough via freeimages

Scottish Marine Protected Areas Objection Voted Down

Jamie McGrigor, Conservative & Unionist MSP for Highlands and Islands, had called for planned restrictions on bottom-towed fishing to be annulled. Members of Holyrood’s rural affairs committee voted against the move. Mr McGrigor had sought restrictictions on bottom-towed fishing in 14 sites to be annulled, including Loch Sween, South...


Slave Labour and Unethical Practices are Driving Half of Top Career Movers Away from Employers

Generation Sustainability “S” job candidates are refusing to work for unethical employers. With the spotlight on sustainability and environmental issues following the recent Paris climate talks, prime job candidates are now much more selective about the employers they choose to work for. Over half of “Generation S” candidates would refuse to...

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Natural Capital and Traditional Nature Conservation Approaches Should Work Together in the UK

A new government approach is needed to reverse the continuing decline of the UK’s natural environment, says a new report by think tank Green Alliance. Nature conservation and the more recently developed natural capital thinking both offer ways to tackle issues such as species decline and soil degradation. Until now, they...

wind turbine scotland

RSPB and Ecotricity to Build New Wind Turbine in Green Energy Partnership

RSPB and Ecotricity, Britain’s leading green energy company, will install a wind turbine at the nature conservation charity’s headquarters over the next few weeks. Work begins in Sandy, Bedfordshire on Monday 25 January, and the 100 metre tall wind turbine will generate around two million units of green energy every...

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STA Data Shows Market Rising

Government statistics published today on the Renewable Heat Incentive have shown that in November and December of last year solar thermal hot water heating made up 12% of the residential systems and only 2% of non-domestic systems supported by the scheme. Since the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive was introduced...

Blue & Green Marbles

Blue & Green Marbles Update: Our First Winner Announced On Monda

The votes are in and have been verified. 2,195 voters were cast. 15,365 preferences were made. Votes were transferred as candidates were knocked off and five clear champions became three, became two. But there can be only one. We are contacting the winner today and will publish the result...


Three-quarters of Non-Productive Investments in Farming “Too Costly”, Say EU Auditors

Three-quarters of the audited projects funded under an EU scheme to pay farmers for improving the environment were not cost-effective, according to a new report by the European Court of Auditors. The majority of the so-called “non-productive investments” did contribute to landscape and biodiversity protection. But the auditors found...

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2015: A Milestone For Sustainability, An Opportunity For Sustainable Investment

Oekom research (, a globally leading rating agency for sustainable investments, looks back on a successful business year, and notes that markers were set for key future trends during that year. Hardly another year has shown such ambivalent faces as 2015: on the one hand, it was a political...


Triodos Corporate Finance Raises £17 Million in 2015

Triodos Corporate Finance has raised over £17 million in 2015 for 11 organisations delivering a wide range of positive impact: alleviating youth homelessness, providing work for ex-offenders, housing people with a learning disability, engaging young people in education and creating clean electricity. This brings the total capital raised on...


Scotland on Brink of Finally Closing Its Seven Year Long ‘Jobs Gap’

Scotland is just 9,000 jobs short of closing its post-crisis ‘jobs gap’ and returning to its mid-2008 employment rate, the Resolution Foundation said today as it publishes a major new report on the Scottish labour market. This milestone could be reached later this morning when the latest official employment figures...

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
Marissa Lippiatt (Head of Resource Efficient Scotland) and David McGill (Parliament assistant Chief Executive) with the Resource Efficient Pledge certificate.

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Holyrood Backs Scheme for Resource Efficiency in Business

The Scottish Parliament has become the latest organisation to take part in the national Resource Efficiency Pledge scheme. The Resource Efficiency Pledge is led by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, which works with businesses to help them reduce both their running costs and carbon emissions....


Fairtrade Coffee Company Branches Out Into Tourism

Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF), the charity arm of the well-known Fairtrade coffee brand, has partnered with Sumak Travel, a UK based social enterprise that specialises in ecotourism, to launch a range of Fair Trade Adventures in Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Four new small group tours will give travellers...

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China’s Coal Imports: Slowest Rate of Growth Since 1998

China reports electricity demand grew just 0.5% year on year (yoy) to 5,550TWh in calendar 2015, the slowest rate of growth since 1998. With a significant increase in non-thermal electricity generation (nuclear, hydro, wind and solar), coal fired power generation declined by an estimated 4% yoy and coal consumption...

Good Energy

Wiltshire Energy Company: UK’s Best For Customer Service

Renewable electricity supplier and generator Good Energy has secured second place in the 2016 Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey – for the second year running. The company has consistently won high ratings in the annual Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey, coming first or second in each the...