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We want our planet to be as blue and green tomorrow as it was yesterday

As the new voice in British media Blue & Green Tomorrow provides our readers with the information they need to shop ethically, travel sustainably, use clean energy at home and invest responsibly.

Who our readers are

2.7m households (10%) hold over half of the wealth in the UK. Of these 2.7m, we have identified 118,000 households for our target readership based on their investment portfolio and ethical interests. They are professional families with children, high-income homeowners, with an average non-property portfolio of £250k in addition to an interest in ethical and/or environmental issues.

  • Income – Head of household earning £100k+, family income higher
  • Financial sophistication- Twice as likely as the population as a whole to have a liquid investment portfolio
  • Property value – Greater than 20% above local average house price

Why advertise?

Blue & Green Tomorrow puts you in front of people who are willing to pay for quality goods produced in a sustainable or ethical way. We only have very limited space for advertisers, and then only for those who share our ethical and sustainable vision; so your message won’t be crowded out by other advertisers.

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We don’t publish our rate card as we seek long-term relationships that combines our print and digital platforms. Please contact our advertising team and we will contact you to discuss advertising opportunities.


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