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5 Smart Ways to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient



Energy efficiency is a serious issue that companies have to take into account. It’s estimated that the average building wastes 30% of the energy it generates every single year.

This is a serious problem, but why would you care as a business?

There are so many benefits of changing your ways, such as: improving your reputation, reducing how much you spend on your bills and helping the environment as a whole.

Here are the smart ways to make your business more energy efficient.

Use Laptops Not Desktops

If you still utilize desktops, you need to make a change. Laptops are far more energy efficient because they use a fraction of the power of a big desktop computer.

And laptops are no longer lacking in functionality. A laptop can do everything that a desktop can. According to Josco Energy from NJ, unless you’re running extremely powerful processes all the time, laptops are the way to go.

Set Sleep Mode on Electronics

Most modern electronics come with an automatic power saving mode. Some of these modes will kick in after leaving your gadgets idle for a certain period of time. But it’s always worth checking to make sure.

It’s worth enabling this mode because they use less than half of the power of the full power mode.

Avoid Phantom Energy with Electronics

What is phantom energy?

Phantom energy is the trickle of energy passed to electronics even when they’re turned off. Normally, the only way to stop this from happening is to unplug them. But in the real world, we forget to unplug our electronics after a hard day at work.

Power strips can help you get around this because they come with a switch that can be flicked to automatically shut off everyone’s electronics and stop phantom energy.

It can make a big difference over the course of a year.

Upgrade the Refrigerator in the Kitchen

Refrigerators are necessary for your employees, but they always cost a lot of money. This is why many businesses buy older models. However, they use a lot of electricity every year and they can’t be turned off, for obvious reasons.

The initial outlay for a brand new refrigerator is well worth it because you’ll save hundreds of dollars every year and recoup your investment within a few years.

Why is there such a difference?

Refrigerator technology has advanced far more than with other electronics. You’re not just saving a few cents on the dollar every year. You’ll notice it with your bills.

Look at Energy Ratings

Whenever you buy new products you should be taking into account the energy ratings on them. As a general rule of thumb, the newer the product the better the energy rating.

This is why we caution against buying older products to save a few bucks in the beginning. The extra dollars on your electricity bill will soon eliminate all these initial savings.

Last Word – Be Conscious of Your Energy Efficiency

The main piece of advice is to be conscious about how much energy you’re using. Look into your products and ask yourself whether there’s a better version available.

It’s well worth going the extra mile because you’ll make big savings over the years.

What steps have you taken to make your business more energy efficient?

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