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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 22 October round up



Today on Blue & Green Tomorrow, we asked the experts what they think of this year’s Good Money Week.

We also reported that the UK’s wind farms have been outperforming its nuclear power plants, while MPs have urged the government to step up its efforts to promote recycling.

HSBC boss labels bankers’ bonus cap a step backwards

Douglas Flint, chairman of high street bank HSBC, has criticised EU rules that will cap bankers’ bonuses at twice their fixed pay, claiming they are a “retrograde step” that could make it difficult for banks to hire staff.


Business lobby urges European leaders to set ambitious climate change targets

As the European Commission finalises its EU emission and renewable energy targets, business groups and trade unionists are calling for ambitious plans to encourage investment, create jobs and secure a low-carbon future.

UK wind farms better nuclear plants for 24 hours

More energy was generated by the UK’s wind farms than by its nuclear power plants on Tuesday, the National Grid has revealed.

MPs call on government to promote recycling

A committee of MPs has warned that the UK could fail to meet the EU target of recycling 50% of household waste by 2020, unless the government takes action and shows leadership on the issue.

Farming organisations claim pesticide ban threatens UK agriculture

A new report commissioned by UK farming bodies has claimed that EU plans to ban pesticides could reduce crop yields, causing food prices to go up and threatening food security.

IFAs on Good Money Week

Good Money Week is well underway, with events being held across the country to promote and celebrate sustainable and ethical finance opportunities. The annual awareness-raising event is truly for everyone – not just traditional investors and finance professionals but for all customers and users of financial products. 

Ethical retailer of the week: efergy

efenergy is a manufacturer of energy saving products, such as monitors and sockets, that allow the conservation of both power and money.

Photo: Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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