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Defining Green Energy



Green energy is a topic that we should all know as much as possible about since it has the possibility of changing the entire home. According to Marty Hale, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, the world is moving towards sustainable energy and it has to or it will not survive, making it a trend that is visible in all walks of life. Green energy stands out as an energy form that will originate in a manner or from a process that has lower environment negative impact when compared with the regular energy sources we know. As an example, fossil fuel is producing harmful side effects on the environment.

Green Energy Types

There are different green energy types that exist at the moment. The main ones are the following:

– Solar Energy – This green energy form was harnessed ever since ancient years. Radiant heat and light obtained from the sun is utilized in this case. In many situations you will find solar energy being used in areas that do not have regular electricity access or by people that are environmentally conscious.

– Wind Energy – Wind energy is basically transformed in a form of energy that can power up homes. In various cities you will find such an option being used to offer sustainability. Wind turbines are utilized in order to create the energy. Mechanical power is gained from wind mills and wind pumps can pump water to propel a ship.

– Geothermal Energy – This is an energy source that will determine matter temperature. You gain it from solar power being absorbed at the surface of the earth, volcanic activity and mineral decay.

– Hydro Energy – Also referred to as hydroelectricity, it refers to using hydropower to generate electricity. Water force creates the energy needed to get electricity.

Goal And Purpose

The main goal associated with green energy is to create electricity that can be renewable while keeping pollution as low as it could be. Some pollution does appear with all electricity generation methods but this does not mean that some offers are not a lot better than others.

Electricity is something that we cannot live without but if we do not have green energy sources, we will eventually run out of the materials that could generate energy. Because of this, it is really important that we focus on green energy sources, which has the main purpose of offering us exactly what we need.

Wastes To Green Energy

This is a type of green energy source that is quite interesting at the moment and that should be mentioned separately. It is obtained from garbage by using biosphere. This technology allows garbage to be turned into energy we can use by utilizing waste combustibility to obtain heat source. Hot steam is generated and this leads towards green energy.


As you can so easily notice, green energy is something that we can easily look at as being the wave of the future. You will need to try to protect the environment as much as you can so be sure that you always learn as much as you can about it.