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Infinis suspends Scotland wind farm plans till after independence referendum



Leading renewable energy generator Infinis will keep its plans for two Scottish wind farms on hold until after the independence referendum, it has announced.

The firm, the third largest renewable energy generator in the UK, has had permission to build the two onshore wind farms – the 55 megawatt (MW) capacity Galawhistle and the 43MW A’Chruach – since 2012.

But in an interim management statement published on Thursday, Infinis said both projects will only begin construction once the outcome of the vote, and its effect on Scotland’s energy policies, is known.

Infinis says it expects both projects to qualify for subsidies under the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme.

However, UK energy secretary Ed Davey has previously warned renewable generators that projects based in an independent Scotland may not be eligible for the scheme. 

Commentators opposed to Scotland’s independence bid say the announcement is evidence that the vote is putting off investment. The Scottish government, meanwhile, say any blame lies with the energy market reforms being introduced by Westminster.

“In fact, several companies have said they believe the contract for difference mechanism is defective,” a Scottish National Party spokesperson told Bloomberg

Though Infinis holds a much wider portfolio, the Galawhistle and A’Chruach projects would put the firm well on the way to their target of delivering 150MW of new renewable capacity by 2017.

The firm also reported that the output of its windfarms had suffered in recent months due to lower wind speeds, but said a good performance from its landfill gas business had slightly offset the slump.

Photo: Gary Denham via Flickr

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