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Unique Ways to Go Green In Your Personal Life



Environmental awareness has been a topic that has really gained heat over the last 10 years. There are still many things that need to be done to improve the impact we have on our world, but at least strides are being made towards healing the earth, and hopefully setting back the damage that’s been incurred upon it.

It can be a little overwhelming at times. Greenhouse gases are killing forests in one part of the world, plastic waste is killing thousands of animals everyday, pesticides used across the world are having an effect on your personal health, and cleaning products used in homes and hospitals are more dangerous than the most of the germs they’re supposed to be killing.

Can you yet see why it is so important to go green? The good news is that you are the sole controller of the products you use and the way you impact the planet. Bad, or good. By making little steps, you can contribute to the saving of the world.

Eating Green Doesn’t Just Mean Leafy Things

Do you realize that going green will not only save the environment, but it will also save your health and your overall quality of life? To eat green, you don’t necessarily have to literally eat just green vegetables every day of your life, although it’s a good idea. You can eat green by partaking of the foods that are in season.

Buy local from farmers markets and buy things that come in natural, reusable packaging or no packaging at all. Eat off the tree, eat from the ground, or just be more conscious of your food related waste. By doing this, you automatically cut down on your personal consumption, and thus, automatically live a greener lifestyle.

Encourage Green Friendly Habits At Work

Your work is where you spend most of your time. You’re probably good friends with most of your coworkers, and this is a great place to spread green friendly tips. In casual conversation, bring up the importance of being green conscious.

Talk about the benefits and how simple it actually is. Whether you’re employed in the medical field, a coffee shop, or you’re just another office clerk, your green friendly habits will rub off on those around you.

Transport Your Way to A Greener World

If there is ever an option for you to opt out on using your own car to get somewhere, take it. Every time you hop on a bicycle, decide to walk to work, or use the public transit system, you’re eliminating one more engine running that’s emitting noxious gasses into the environment. By ditching the car when you can and choosing to walk or bike, you’re also improving your health. Who doesn’t want that?

Another thought is if you have a long distance to travel, consider going by train instead of by air. It will significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint.

The ways to go green in your personal life are honestly endless. It can be so simple, there is no reason to not take these steps or others like it. Be the change needed in the world. You can only affect your own decisions, but one positive decision at a time leads to a life full of positive change for the world.