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Is it possible to be an Eco-Friendly Parent?



Look around at products for parents and small children and you’ll quickly realize that this world was not designed for the eco-friendly couple. The great news is that many companies have realized that there are ways for parents to still be eco-friendly, while purchasing the baby and child products they need. Being eco-friendly in your home is more than just buying trendy organic products, it’s also about creating a lifestyle that is mindful of the ways that small habits help in big ways.

Think Minimalistic

It’s easy to get carried away in buying baby clothes, kid’s toys, and other baby items. You might find yourself with bins filled with items you barely, or never use. Not to mention products like wipes warmers that require electricity to heat up all the time. Look at your lifestyle as a couple and think about how to add the least amount of stuff to your life as possible when you have children. While it’s okay to have baby toys and products, find items that are multipurpose and can hopefully grow with your child. You won’t need to be a complete minimalist to be an eco-friendly parent, but you will want to think of how to live with less.

Hang Dry Your Clothes

Having children means you’ll end up with a lot of extra laundry. It’s amazing how those little baby outfits and toddler clothes seem to take up so much space and expand everywhere. When it comes to cleaning the clothes, you’ll feel like the dryer is always in use. If you’ve never been one to hang dry clothes, now is the time to get started. Get an indoor rack that folds up or use an outdoor clothesline. You’ll save money and help the environment by running that dryer as little as possible.

Use Eco-Friendly Diapers

Some parents choose to use a variety of pocket style or pre-fold washable diapers. This works great when you have your own washer and dryer, but some families find this option to be cumbersome. Thankfully there are a variety of companies who offer eco-friendly diapers and overnight diapers for green parents. By using biodegradable materials and less toxic chemicals, not only will they help keep your baby safe, but they’ll also break down in the landfills.

Get Reusable Wipes

Wipes are essential when you’re changing diapers, but when you go through a pack every few days, it’s easy to see that it’s not a very eco-friendly way to do things. Reusable wipes are the perfect solution. They can be washed in a separate load and reused time and time again. Some parents use the small baby washcloths for this purpose.

Recycled, Used, or Refurbished

Being an eco-friendly parent means you’ll be looking to find used, recycled, or refurbished items. While it’s important to find new car seats to ensure your baby’s safety, there are plenty of parents who sell second-hand strollers and other baby items. You can also get used clothing and blankets if you’d prefer not to buy new everything.

Make Snacks at Home

Pre-made snacks are convenient for sure. But if being eco friendly is important to you, you’ll look for ways to create less waste in how you live your life. Prepping snacks and putting them into reusable containers can reduce your carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Compost Everything

It’s inevitable that your kids will waste food. You’ll make them a sandwich and they’ll eat the cheese off it or throw the peas on the ground. Instead of dumping the food in the trash, compost what you can. Creating compost gives you material you can put on a small garden and help it grow.

Create a Garden With Your Children

Gardens using heirloom seeds and organic fertilizers like compost, rabbit manure, or cow manure are a way to contribute good things to the environment. Not only will you get to eat delicious food in the warmer months, you will improve the bee population and promote healthy insects in your little area.

Use Toxin Free ProductsDid you know that there are toxins in many of the conventional baby and child body care products? Additionally, many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can cause you and your children harm. Not to mention that when these chemicals get in the water supply, they can harm ecosystems, waterways, and more. Find quality toxin free products to use for shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, diaper cream, and more. Start by reading labels and looking at the ratings of your favorite baby, kids, and cleaning products at the Environmental Working Group website or in the Think Dirty app. 

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