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This Is Why the Greenest Solution Tends to Be the Safest Solution



In many cases, it is obvious why the greener solution is also the safer solution. The safety factor manifests itself in big ways that are hard to miss and are meaningful to everyone on a grand scale. Working in a coal mine is clearly a dangerous thing to the people who do the work. Even before we knew about various cancers, we knew that it was a bad job that led people to a bad end. It also left many of the families of those income earners in a state of destitution. Society is worse off when a large percentage of the population works in dangerous and environmentally unsafe industries.

Solar energy in Sweden is a good example for modern times. It is not only proving to be better for the environment, it is also cost-effective. People are saving money and that is always a strong argument for change. The US is doing a lot with wind farms and hydroelectric solutions. The environment offers a number of ways we can enjoy modern conveniences while being more environmentally responsible. It is also easy to make a case for safety with regard to these big projects. But what about going green on a small scale? Are there still safety benefits? Yes. Here are a few hidden safety benefits inherent in eco-friendly choices:

Fall Prevention

One of the best ways to help the seniors in your life is to do the simple things — no batteries required. Fall prevention for seniors is mostly about awareness rather than technology. You don’t need a move tracker to get moving. You just need a reason to get out and take a walk on a nice day. Taking daily walks and doing outdoor activities will do more to keep your muscles strong than any gizmo designed to count your steps.

You don’t need complicated supplements grown in a lab and depleting rainforests. Vitamin D will do wonders for strengthening bones. There are many natural sources of this natural wonder. Leave the energy-guzzling treadmill at the gym and get some movement for free. 

Couple these solutions with having a live and present human assess your environment to make sure it is safe for seniors. Have grab handles installed in all bathrooms. Declutter the walkways. And eliminate throw rugs that have a tendency to throw the people who walk on them. All of these are green solutions that cost next to nothing and can reduce falls by an order of magnitude. You don’t need to strap another gadget on a senior’s wrist. Just make their environment safer.

Control the Temperature

It is obviously greener to run the H/VAC system as little as possible. Wasting energy by heating and cooling rooms that are occupied by no one helps no one and hurts everyone. The best smart thermostats will make your home energy-efficient and save you money.

One of the secondary effects of a smart thermostat is that it adds a layer of safety to the home. When a person enters a room in the home that is too cold for comfort, their natural impulse will be to make it warmer by the most convenient means. All too often, that would be an unsafe space heater that draws a lot of power, is often cheaply manufactured to keep the cost down, and is at the center of a lot of fires in homes and apartments. This problem disproportionally affects people with low income. Smart thermostats are inexpensive and regulate the temperature so that the room you enter is at your preferred temperature when you need it to be. Because you will not have to reach for space heaters, your home will be safer and healthier for everyone around you.

Reasonable Water Pressure And Use

Running water at high pressure is not only wasteful but presents small dangers that could easily be avoided with low-flow faucets. When high water pressure hits the sink, water tends to splash, splatter, spill, and just cause waste and create slipping hazards. When the counter is wet many people waste paper towels drying the granite and throwing the paper towel away if they aren’t reusable. Smarter water is better for everyone.

By using natural fall prevention solutions, controlling the temperature, and reducing water pressure to something more reasonable, you will create a win-win by protecting the environment, saving money, and making things safer for everyone.

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