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How to Be Eco-Friendly as a Cat Owner

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According to an article that was published in ScienceDirect in 2018, pets such as cats and dogs have a serious effect on the environment. However, this does not mean that you cannot be a pet owner and an environmentalist at the same time.

Reconsider human-grade food

To avoid harming the environment, it is recommended that you stop purchasing human-grade food for your pet and you switch to more sustainable products. As you know, meat production is a process that has a big impact on the environment, especially when it comes to the use of land, pesticides, fossil fuels and phosphates.

Instead of buying from manufacturers who do not care about the impact their business has on the planet, you should invest in food made and distributed by sustainable businesses.

Because cats are carnivores, you have to provide your companion with meat and, thus, you should not opt for a plant-based diet. A good alternative is to feed your pet foods that are made from byproduct of rabbit, chicken, and offal.

Choose biodegradable products

One simple change that you can make that has a high impact on the environment is to switch to biodegradable waste bags. The use of plastic bags to collect feces is not encouraged, as these bags are made of materials that take years to decompose. By comparison, a bag made of compostable material can fully decompose in a matter of six months.

Plus, it is recommended that you invest in toys that are made of recycled materials. Instead of buying toys made of plastic that break easily, you can opt for toys that are more durable and easier to recycle. Materials such as wood, wool, and cotton should be preferred. If you want to read more on this topic, you can take a look at the alternatives from

Consider sterilization

You might not know this but, annually, in the US alone, there are over 1.4 million cats are euthanized. This happens because these felines are prolific breeders. In fact, a female cat can give birth to up to five litters of kittens each year.

To avoid overpopulation and the euthanizing of these animals, it is recommended that you sterilize your cat. Numerous shelters that offer rescued cats for adoption sterilize the pets before looking for new owners. Besides, many programs offer spay and neutering services at a low cost. In an attempt to manage the growing population of stray cats, many states require cat owners to sterilize their pets by law.

You might not know this, but there are significant benefits of having your pet cat spayed or neutered. Spaying a female cat before going into heat for the first heat can greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer and it eliminates the risk of it getting ovarian cancer.

Pets that are sterilized are less aggressive and less likely to fight over territories and mates. Male cats that are neutered are also less likely to urinate as a way to mark their territory. Hence, your home will be cleaner.

Opt for chemical-free products

Cats are likely to get flies and ticks. To manage this problem, manufacturers have created a wide array of products that can be used to keep these parasites at bay. However, many of the ingredients used are highly polluting and they can affect the rivers and the oceans.

Instead of buying products that can harm the environment, you can purchase alternatives that are more sustainable and that are made using eco-friendly ingredients.

Also, it is highly recommended that you stop using cat litter that includes silica clay. This clay is made by strip mining, a technique that affects the environment, contaminates the water and displaces wildlife. This should not be an issue as there are numerous other types of cat litter made of recycled newspapers, crops and wood shavings that you can purchase instead.

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