#NationalPoetryDay: Last Snowman by Simon Armitage


In May, The Guardian presented a series of 20 original poems by various authors on the theme of climate change curated by the UK’s poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy. On National Poetry Day, this is our favourite.



He drifted south
down an Arctic seaway
on a plinth of ice, jelly tots

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    weeping lime green tears
    around both eyes,
    a carrot for a nose

    (some reported parsnip),
    below which a clay pipe
    drooped from a mouth

    that was pure stroke-victim.
    A red woollen scarf trailed
    in the meltwater drool

    at his base, and he slumped
    to starboard, kinked,
    gone at the pelvis.

    From the buffet deck
    of a passing cruise liner
    stag and hen parties shied

    Scotch eggs and Pink Ladies
    as he rounded the stern.
    He sailed on between banks

    of camera lenses
    and rubberneckers,
    past islands vigorous

    with sunflower and bog myrtle
    into a bloodshot west,
    singular and abominable.