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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 31 March headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Ecotourism flourishes when local people are engaged with sustainability

Every hour should be Earth Hour

Ecology says record figures prove ‘commercial viability‘ of sustainable finance

Number of investors considering green credentials ‘incredibly promising’

World told to ‘stand up to fossil fuels’ ahead of IPCC climate report


31 March headlines

Coping with climate change to cost up to $100bn a year, says UN

The impacts of climate change are already widespread and likely to cost up to $100 billion a year to address, the most comprehensive assessment of global warming’s effects in seven years is due to warn. The drafts report says world gross domestic product could shrink by up to 2% of global temperatures rise by a widely predicted 2.5C. Financial Times.

Energy secretary Ed Davey dismisses ‘blackout’ fears

Energy and climate change minister Ed Davey has insisted the government has a strategy that will “keep the lights on” despite concerns over a lack of investment and spare capacity in the energy industry. Last year regulator Ofgem warned that spare electricity production capacity could ball by 2% by 2015. BBC.

Britain must take lead in global warming, says Ed Davey

Britain must lead the international battle against global warming, says energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey, who added that not to do so would be “deeply irresponsible” The Liberal Democrat minister said, “Climate change is hugely threatening our way of life, in the UK, Europe and the world.” Guardian.

Gaia visionary advocates city living to sit out the worst extreme of climate change

People should give up on the “English dream” of a house and garden in the countryside and retreat into mega-cities to sit out the worst extremes of climate change, environmental guru James Lovelock has said. He cited Singapore as an example of a place where people has found a way to lively happily despite the heat. Independent.

Investor giant warns banks on pay arrangements ahead of EU bonus cap

The country’s largest investor group is to issue an “amber top” alert ahead of the annual meeting of Britain’s biggest banks warning its members to examine closely the new pay arrangements put in place by the lenders. The Associated of British Insurers is to make its concerns on how lenders have adapted their compensation plans in light of the incoming European bonus cap known. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

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