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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 6 October round up



Today on Blue&Green Tomorrow we reported on worrying figures on the lack of biodiversity protection by world’s governments and the economic advantages that boosting energy efficiency could have in the UK.

We also hear from marine conservation groups Oceana on advancement of Marine Protected Areas in European Seas and the decision of India to host a global investor summit next year to pursue its renewable energy targets.

Abandoned Lincoln asylum could become global science centre

A run down 19th century former mental asylum in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, may be reinvented as an international science centre under new £4 million plans.

Governments have failed to protect wildlife, UN biodiversity report finds

As representatives from around the world gather in South Korea to discuss conservation progress, a damning new report from the UN has revealed that governments have failed to tackle the loss of species, habitat destruction, pollution and overfishing.

Finding the right balance between nature conservation and fisheries management – who will pull the strings?

While our oceans are under threat, important decisions must be made over the management of fisheries and Marine Protected Areas in European Seas, write Hanna Paulomäki and Magnus Eckeskog from marine conservation group Oceana. But will nature conservation directors have equal input to fisheries leaders, or will economic concerns prevail in talks held behind closed doors?

Energy efficiency targets could boost UK economy by £62bn

Tougher energy efficiency targets could boost the UK economy by £62 million and create 40,000 jobs, according to unpublished figures obtained by WWF.

China’s economic growth undermining carbon-cutting efforts

Despite climate change commitments and improvements in its approach to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, China’s massive economic growth is jeopardising its efforts to build a low-carbon economy, new research has found.

Thousands march to demand end to rhino and elephant poaching

Thousands of people took to the streets around the world on Saturday to protest against the illegal wildlife trade that is threatening the very existence of rhinos and elephants.

India to host global investor summit focused on renewable energy in 2015

India is set to host a meeting of international investors willing to pour billions into realising the country’s great clean energy potential, after India’s energy minister promised to turn the nation into a ‘renewable superpower’.

International Volunteering Conference to shed light on ethics in ‘voluntourism’

A conference has been organised to give interested volunteers information on overseas development projects and the practices behind them. The event will take place in London on October 25.

Lib Dem conference: activists approve climate change policies

Liberal Democrat activists have voted unanimously in favour of a policy motion on climate change, approving measures to improve Britain’s flood defences and require companies to disclose their environmental risks.

 Photo:  Sanja Gjenero via Free Images

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