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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 5 June headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

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5 June headlines

EU is omitting climate in energy security push: Prescott

The European Union risks losing ground in the fight against climate change as it tries to shore up energy security in response to concerns about dependence on Russia gas, said John Prescott, the bloc’s lead negotiator for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Energy security risks overshadowing the debate about cutting greenhouse gasses, he warned. Bloomberg.

Eric Pickles clamps down on onshore wind farm applications

Eric Pickles has turned down applications to build ten onshore wind farms in the past year, prompting accusations that the communities secretary is killing the industry’s growth in the UK. Not only has he rejected ten out of 12 planned wind farms, but four of these decisions went against recommendations from planning inspectors. Financial Times.

UK floods could make climate change action more likely, says Lord Deben

Extreme weather events such as the UK’s winter floods could make global action to tackle climate change more likely, a senior peer has suggested. The chairman of the government’s climate advisory committee, Lord Deben, said it was becoming increasingly clear predictions of extreme weather were coming true, and climate “deniers or dismissers” were seeing their arguments against action debunked. Guardian.

‘Alternate vision’ sought on climate

Four hundred legislators from 66 countries are taking part in a summit billed as offering a “new vision for an international climate agreement”. The Global summit in Mexico City is taking place in parallel to the latest round of UN-brokered climate negotiations in Bonn. Small islands nations suffering the effects of climate change are placing their hopes in the high-level summit. BBC.

Activists stage fracking protest at David Cameron’s home

David Cameron’s home was turned into a “fracking site” on Wednesday as environmental campaigners staged a protest over new laws which could pave the way for more underground drilling. Greenpeace said the stunt was a protest against legislation in the Queen’s speech, which the charity says will clear the way for fracking firms to drill under people’s land and property without their permission. Guardian.


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