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Blue & Green Daily: Thursday 9 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Academics urge universities to join fossil fuel divestment movement

Shell seeks injunction as Greenpeace activists board Arctic oil rig

Obama links climate change to health risks

‘These companies can afford to pay the living wage.’ Boris Johnson


9 April headlines

New energy storage plant could ‘revolutionise’ renewable sector

Foundations for an energy storage plant in Ireland that could “revolutionise” the integration of renewable power into electricity supplies will be laid within weeks. Guardian.

Shell to buy BG for £47bn in largest ever British deal

Royal Dutch Shell’s dramatic £47 billion bid for smaller rival BG Group on Wednesday is expected to trigger a fresh wave of deals in the oil and gas sector. Telegraph.

Japan to pledge 20% CO2 cut – reports

Japan will promise to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2013 levels ahead of a global summit on climate change this year, a report has said, despite uncertainty over post-Fukushima energy policy. Guardian.

Whale are adapting to climate change

Whales are changing the timing of their seasonal migration in response to global climate change, Scottish scientists have said. The Times.


Interesting picks

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