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Strategies for Combating the Pains of Eco-Anxiety



We have seen a growing number of people express concerns about the future of the planet. In June, Pew Research said that nearly two-thirds (65%) of people believe the government should take more steps to protect the environment.

People are becoming incredibly eco-conscious since there is so much media attention on environmental damage and shocking footage of disasters like wildfires in recent years. While it is encouraging to see people starting to care, it is very easy for people to slip from being eco-aware to having eco-anxiety. When you see heartbreaking imagery of habitats being destroyed and both animals and people suffering, it is easy for this to affect your mental health.

Coping with Eco-Anxiety

We have previously pointed out that sustainable living can help fight stress. However, it can also lead to stress if you aren’t careful.

So, how can people go about coping with eco-anxiety? The best way to do this is not to avoid the news (although limiting your intake could be helpful) and instead find ways to take action. Even making minor changes can help to alleviate anxiety, especially if you start speaking and engaging with others who are also eco-conscious.

There are lots of big and small changes that you can make in your life to help you to do your part and feel more in control. Smart meters are a great way to track and reduce your household energy consumption, which will also help you to lower your bills too. A few other effective ways to reduce your impact include eliminating or cutting down on meat, driving an electric car and washing your clothes on a cold cycle.

The Dangers of Eco-Anxiety

We talk a lot about the problems of various types of stress, such as stress in the workplace. However, the consequences of eco-anxiety can be just as disastrous if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

It is easy for people to suffer from eco-anxiety, especially when you consider that there seems to be so much that is out of your control. This can lead to feelings of anger, guilt, shame and hopelessness which can then interfere with your health and overall wellbeing. While it is important to be aware of what is happening and to do what you can, you also need to find ways to manage eco-anxiety because it will not do you any favours and could negatively impact other areas of your life.

The Work of Clover Hogan

If you suffer from eco-anxiety then you will want to learn about the work that the inspirational 21-year-old climate activist Clover Hogan is doing. Hogan is the founder of an exciting youth-led organization called Force of Nature, which aims to help Gen Z to step up rather than shut down when it comes to climate damage. Clover realized that eco-anxiety could lead to powerlessness, so she began speaking to people all over the world about this and encouraged people to take action. As she states:

“To solve our beautiful, bright planet’s dark problems, we must refuse to be ruled by fear. We must discard the belief that we’re powerless, and realize that we are infinitely powerful.”

Eco-Anxiety is a real thing and it is becoming increasingly common for the younger generations that worry about the future state of the world. Hopefully, this post will help you to manage this anxiety while encouraging you to take positive action.

Adam is a blogger and a writer from Washington running his own website about home improvement, appliances and everything you need for an even more comfortable life.

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