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4 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements for People with Disabilities



More and more people are concerned about sustainability these days. One recent survey found that 78% of people said that sustainable living is very important to them.

Unfortunately, some people feel they need to compromise their sustainability goals because they have other priorities. People with disabilities are a prime example.

People that are struggling with disabilities need to make a number of changes to their homes so they can be more mobile and independent. They may believe that they have to give up living eco-friendly lifestyles to be more independent. However, there are actually a lot of ways that people with disabilities can be sustainable and comfortable at the same time.

The best place to start is by making some home improvements that are eco-friendly. We have compiled a list of some of the best green home improvements for people struggling with disabilities. We also have some other articles like this one on green home improvements for readers that are interested.

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements for People with Disabilities

There are a lot of ways that people with disabilities can be more sustainable. Here are some ideas to consider.

Use Energy Efficient Elevators (They Are More Sustainable than You Think!)

An elevator can be a great option. The cost of a home elevator isn’t very high either.

Most people that care about sustainability may wonder why elevators are on this list. However, a user from Reddit points out that that they can be just as sustainable as walking, when you consider the carbon footprint needed to produce the food for the calories that you are going to burn from walking. Of course, this is not a great argument for people that also care about losing weight. However, it is a perfect option for people with disabilities that can’t walk up the stairs anyways.

Elevators are also becoming more sustainable. Smithsonian Magazine has a great article on this topic.

Windows that Are Accessible and Energy-Efficient

Many windows are designed with people with disabilities in mind. They can also be great for the planet. These windows are energy-efficient and can also be opened from a seated position. They are perfect for people in wheelchairs or other people with disabilities that struggle to stand upright or be mobile.

Ceiling Fans with Long Strings

Ceiling fans are great for people that care about sustainable living. They are a lot more energy efficient than air conditioning systems. Anybody that is on the fence about using them should look into the statistics about them. A USA Today article showed that they literally use only 1% of the energy that an air conditioner does. This means that a fan can fun for 24 hours and only use the same amount of electricity as an air conditioner that is running for fifteen minutes!

Of course, many ceiling fans are not ideal for people with disabilities, since they have high strings that are difficult to reach. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this problem. The strings can be replaced with longer ones, so anyone sitting in a wheelchair can pull them without any issues.

Smart Thermostats

We have talked a lot about the benefits of smart technology for the planet. Smart thermostats are some of the best forms of smart technology for people that care about sustainability, because they can help make homes more energy efficient. They are also great for people with disabilities. People with disabilities can’t use a regular thermostat easily, so having one that they can use from their smartphone or tablet is perfect.

Some of the best smart thermostats include the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat and Nest Learning Thermostat. These are all eco-friendly and great for people with limited mobility. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is actually specifically marketed to people that care about environmentalism.


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