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Meet the Blue & Green Tomorrow team: Chloe-Louise Cole



With Sustainable September drawing closer, we thought we’d open a window into the world of Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Chloe-Louise tells us about her background, interest in sustainability and what the future might hold.

Tell us briefly about your background and your current role.

I’m from Cambridgeshire and, as I had only lived in one town, knew that I wanted to move away from home to go to university. I always knew I would pick an art-related course, it was just finding the right one! At the University of Lincoln I studied graphic design and I’m now preparing for graduation come September. I am an intern at Blue & Green Tomorrow, with the current role as designer.

Where does your interest in sustainability come from?

From a young age I have alway been fascinated by environment and nature documentaries, especially those narrated by David Attenborough. Being part of the world, I believe the environment needs a change to become a healthier place.

What’s your favourite sustainability story at the moment?

There are many great stories, but one that struck me was ‘The Role of Cycling…’ as a fan of quickly getting to places via cycling, it was a very interesting read. People seem to be far too dependant on their cars for even the shortest of journeys, whereas cycling is less hassle and much easier to get from A to B; you haven’t got the hassle of traffic or finding somewhere to park.

What one idea do you think could change the world for the better?

Relating back to the previous answer; cycling. More people should take up cycling as a way of travelling as it’s better for both their own health and the environment (and it’s much cheaper!). No one wants to breathe in polluted air. I believe that it is something that everyone can work towards; businesses can help future generations as well as their own needs by considering financial and environmental issues. Businesses want success. Everyone wants success.


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