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5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Money Streaming Eco-Friendly Content

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Are you interested in making money teaching people how to live a greener lifestyle? There are a lot of ways that you can do this.

One way that eco-friendly influencers can monetize their content is by creating a blog dedicated to sustainable living. There are a lot of green living blogs that generate revenue from advertising, affiliate sales and brand endorsements from eco-friendly companies.

However, it is also a possible to make money by streaming video content that teaches people how to live a greener lifestyle. You can find a number of streamers on sites like YouTube and Patreon that teach people how to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Goodful is an example of a popular sustainable YouTube channel.

But how do eco-friendly content creators make money through streaming? You can learn more below.

Making Money Streaming as an Eco-Friendly Content Creator

The principles of making money by streaming content are pretty similar regardless of your niche. If you want to make money sharing sustainable living tips, you can get some insights from other types of streamers, such as those that stream gaming content. You can make money streaming your content on Twitch or another platform.

Game streaming has become immensely popular over the course of the last decade as it enjoys a good amount of people watching their favorite streamer streaming some of the most elegant eSports titles that they live. In fact, there are many people out there who want to get into streaming themselves, but they never know where to start or the big money question, which would be how do the other streamers make money? There are a lot of green gaming companies that you can learn from too.

Most of the time, when online money is involved, you are talking about advertisements just like the news channels and the social media platform, for instance, making money. Eco-friendly content creators can make money following similar approaches.

That still is not their only way or source of making money, but it is a consistent one; there could be other potential ways to this, but some of them are tailored in context with the platform that is being used to stream, such as Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook as all of them are immensely popular, and all of these have separate ways using which a streamer can make money or even if you want to go outside of streaming but still want to be relevant with video games, players often offer boosting services where they specialize in one game, let’s say GTA V boosting and earn money by helping other players increase their in game stats. But for the sake of this article, some of the more general ways of making money would be listed if you want to have a little read starting out as an eco-friendly streamer.

1. Channel subscription revenue

The most common practice for the sake of making money with streaming with little to no exertion on the streamer’s end is the channel subscription. Every streamer, when starting out their journey, has to create a streaming channel that serves as the common innuendo for the people to get to if they like seeing their work or streams; this is the main channel of the streamer. How many people subscribe to this channel of yours will make money in a definite percentage. Now the exact numbers or their narration can be different depending on where these come from and on which platform these point towards.

Some of the streaming services for eco-friendly content creators, such as Twitch, let out a monthly subscription for their streamers which people can subscribe to, and obviously, the biggest share of this would go directly in the hands of the streamer.

2. Cheers and donations from subscribers

When you have got the ball rolling, and people are subscribing to your channel for the sake of enjoying the same content that is your unique attribute, you can spice things up. After building a reputation among your subscribers, you can link out various accounts with your streaming services such as Patreon or a PayPal account, and then people can send all of their donations and hurray for you there, and you would even be able to differentiate between the lot such as which one of your supporters send how much and in what essence. This is another way of making money but requires a lot of skill and effort to first get popular with the subscribers.

3. Ad revenue

If you want to make this your primary way of earning money from streaming as many streamers do, then YouTube, without any doubt, would be the best possible place for you to start. It has got some of the best analytical tools that can help you monitor the performance of your streaming videos, the ads these are running, and the experience or reaction of the people towards it. There is, of course, a limit as if it gets exceeded in terms of the ad views, your video will start generating revenue. YouTube allows for you to have a handsome chunk of the ad reward to serve as a motivation for you to go on.

Talking about other streaming giants such as Twitch offers the same kind of service where the streamers, after reaching a certain volume of subscribers, can start monetizing their videos by placing ads.

4. Partnering with brands

Sustainable living is a diverse field, and if you have got the content at one angle, streamers at others, and the watchers at the third, then there have to be brands that need to sell their merchandise. Partnering up with these brands which will agree to partner with you is another way of earning money through streaming. In your stream, you have to show their product to the people and entice them a little, and if people start buying it using your referral, then you start earning good money from it.

5. Getting eco-friendly sponsors

Last but not least is getting the sponsors, which means that you join a green living organization, and in doing so, you partner up with them to sponsor your streaming practices, and you can give them something back from the money you earn then. This is a huge help for streamers who are just stepping their toes through the door and don’t have enough budget to get going. If you can get a sponsor in the start and get them to sponsor the whole thing for you, including buying equipment and such, then it would provide a great boost to your streaming business for sure.

There are a lot of companies that create environmentally friendly products. You can work closely with them to get some that will endorse you. We talked about the benefits of sustainable manufacturing before, so you can find green manufacturers that will help you grow your brand.

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