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Blue & Green Tomorrow in print: issue five



Hello again. We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoy creating it for you. And we hope you’ll tell us if you’d rather we cover more of some things and less of others. We know we won’t satisfy everyone, but we’d like to have a jolly good try.

This month we’ve popped a survey on page 31 to make it easy for you to share your thoughts. No need for a stamp, although we’ll have to trouble you for an envelope. What we find particularly exciting about Blue & Green Tomorrow is the absolute fire-hose of information and innovation that comes our way.

We filter thousands of news stories each month, quite apart from all the emails that come in announcing this and that. It gives us a broad sense of what’s going on and, it has to be said, an overall feeling of optimism about the chances of creating a better world for all the generations to come.

Not only that, but we meet people all the time, from business, from charities, from research organisations and from financial services. They all share their points of view. And, yes, we do listen to the deniers, the warmists and all manner of other ‘ists’ to keep ourselves as honest as we can be.

We don’t like all we see but we do have an unashamed fondness for sharing the best stuff with you. This month, apart from the obvious political theme in the light of the upcoming referendum and elections, you’ll find unpressurised nuclear reactors that use inert fuel, hydrogen capsules that behave like fluid at room temperatures, clever wave energy capture devices, new forms of investment and philanthropy, trips to Ethiopia…

We run stories on all of these topics, and more, so that you can share in our enthusiasm for what we hope will be a bluer and greener tomorrow.

Download issue five (April 2011) for free here.